The last post of the week, and also the last post of this challenge, is a review of the song Wither by the American progressive metal band Dream Theater. The song was published on the album Black Clouds & Silver Linings in 2009. The lyrics are here, and the official music video is below:

This song is relaxing to me, even though it’s not very discrete and stuff, it has such a slow tempo, and the elements of music that I like, including an awesome guitar solo, which I absolutely love, so this is really a “chill-song” for me. The voice of Kevin James LaBrie, the vocalist, is calming. The lyrics are sore and beautiful, and fit really well with the melody.

The music video, as you can see, is of the band playing in concerts, and backstage, and I think it’s good in a way, because then you manage to just use your ears and focus on the playing and the lyrics.

Thanks to my dear friend and roommate for showing me this song.

“I drown in hesitation
My words come crashing down
And all my best creations
Burn into the ground
The thought of starting over
Leaves me paralyzed”
(Wither – Dream Theater)