Hi there! Today I’m reviewing a song by the band 12 Stones called “Welcome To The End”. It was released in 2010 on the EP “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”. The lyrics are both in the video, and here.



I sort of already knew that 12 Stones was a good band, because Paul McCoy, the vocalist, featured with guest vocals in “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence. Well, at least I knew that they had a good vocalist, the rest I had to check out.
Pretty awesome song. It sort of has an attitude. Especially in the end of the end of the refrain; “We’ve finally reached our bitter end – Welcome to the end”.
The riffs are good too. Playing in general is great. It doesn’t stand out that much, but I like it. It rocks, and that’s enough. It’s really grown on me, sort of gets better and better. And the refrain is catchy. That’s hard to find in a rock song, actually.
I’ve reached the end…


“I’ll be standing in the fire when it all goes up in flames”
(Welcome To The End – 12 Stones)