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1 year!

As it is my 1-year anniversary of this blog (at least for a couple of minutes more), I decided to do a poll on how things have been up to now. I want to know what’s been good, what you liked, what you want more of, maybe some suggestions to what I should write about – what you want my opinion on. Maybe also you could say something about what I can do better (except for the fact that I need to write more often!). Said in an easier way: I want to know everything!
So, this poll is about what you want more of on this blog, and I have made it possible to click on more than one alternative (just for the record).

I hope you will vote, so I get a clue on how things are. You can also comment if there are other things that I have forgotten about, or if you want to say something about the other things I mentioned before that I would like to know of you.
– Thank you!



“Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can’t find what keeps me here”
(Haunted – Evanescence)


Vote, for crying out loud!

Hi ya’ll! Just wanted to check in and tell you that you have to vote for Evanescence (and Evanescence ONLY!) in MTV’s Musical March Madness 2012. You simply vote for the artist you like the best (Preferably Evanescence) of the two options you have, and the band/artist who gets the most votes, will advance to the next round and “duel” against another band, until there is only one left. Evanescence is running with their second single, My Heart Is Broken, from their new album, Evanescence

You can vote here.

Vote as if you’re lives depended on it! You can vote as many times as you want to.

To end this I have only one thing to say; Even though I like many of the other bands, like Linkin Park and Paramore, I have yet only one thing to say: EVANESCENCE FOREVER! (Puh! Good to get it out there, starting to get crazy when I read all those silly comments on the comment board)

“I can’t go on living this way, and I can’t go back the way I came”
(My Heart Is Broken – Evanescence)