Hey there! Now I’m finally doing a post on the song Understanding by Evanescence (which I planned to do many weeks ago). The song was published 1998 on the Evanescence EP. and is credited as the second song ever written by Evanescence. Here are the lyrics, as well as in the video below.


The song starts with an audio clip from the movie “My World Dies Screaming” (also known as “Terror In The Haunted House”) from 1958, and an organ, which makes the mood of the song kind of gloomy and gothic. The song also contains some audio clips from the movie “When A Man Loves A Woman” (1994). Of all the audio parts, I especially liked “But the imprint is always there, Nothing is ever really forgotten” from “My World Dies Screaming”. The mixing of audio clips and music is strange, but interesting, and not a thing that you hear very often in music. The song moves slowly forward until 04.38, when the guitars kick in, and we get the more rock-like sound that we all like so much. I’m also very fascinated by Amy’s vocals, she sounds almost like in agony, but still it is very beautiful. It’s actually Amy that sings the extremely high notes of the soprano voice in the background as well. The song ends as it started, with an audio clip and the organ. The lyrics are beautiful and deep, and just as gothic as the music itself.


“Can’t fight it all away, can’t hope it all away
Can’t scream it all away, it just won’t fade away, no
Ooh, can’t wash it all away, can’t wish it all away
Can’t cry it all away, can’t scratch it all away”
(Understanding – Evanescence)