Today I’m going to do something really different. I’m going to do a review of a cover. The song is called Titanium, and was mad by David Guetta and Sia. The real version was published last year (2011), on the album Nothing But The Beat. The Lyrics are here, they’re totally worth a look (though I suspect they are a little wrong on that site, not sure).

The cover version by Collin McLaughlin:

The original version by David Guetta and Sia:

I normally wouldn’t do cover versions, but in this case I have to say I need to put my principals aside and show the world this great singer. My friend got me hooked on it, and I went with it stuck in my mind for over a week! All over my hand was the incredible lyrics to this song.
I know It’s David Guetta who wrote it, and that makes him a little bit brilliant in my eyes, but I think Collins version is way better than the original version, song wise. It’s still the same notes, just that it’s stripped of techno-rhythms.
Collin has made it sorer than it usually seems, and he gets the meaning more forward since it’s about a soar theme, even though the song is telling us to stay strong no matter what. (I actually did a presentation about this song in school, presenting the themes and the choice of words linked to the meaning of the song – not that it interests you at all, just saying).
I really hope you like the cover version. Enjoy.

“Stone-hard, machine gun
Firing at the ones who run
Stone-hard, like bulletproof glass
You shoot me down but I won’t fall
I am titanium”
(Titanium – David Guetta)