Hello there! Now, this is my 99th post, and I’m writing this in honor of my biggest fan, Markus. One of his favorite bands is Avantasia, a German power metal “project” (according to Wikipedia, their words, not mine), and since it is, I figured the best way to honor him on my blog is to write about them. I’ve chosen, with a little help from him, the song Twisted Mind, off the album The Scarecrow (2008).

I really love the dark sound and lyrics of this song. The guitar riffs are simply awesome, and really fit the lyrics, just as heavy, dark and twisted as the rest of it. I quite like the vocalists, Tobias Sammet’s voice. It’s pretty big and powerful. I also think the small touches of piano that can be heard in the background between the chugging of the guitars are nice. In addition, they managed to sneak in a very short guitar solo, which is needless to say, I also liked.
Bottom line, genius song.


“I never tried to hide away, or tried to keep your pace
You walked me to the slaughter with a smile upon your face”
(Avantasia – Twisted Mind)