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1 year!

As it is my 1-year anniversary of this blog (at least for a couple of minutes more), I decided to do a poll on how things have been up to now. I want to know what’s been good, what you liked, what you want more of, maybe some suggestions to what I should write about – what you want my opinion on. Maybe also you could say something about what I can do better (except for the fact that I need to write more often!). Said in an easier way: I want to know everything!
So, this poll is about what you want more of on this blog, and I have made it possible to click on more than one alternative (just for the record).

I hope you will vote, so I get a clue on how things are. You can also comment if there are other things that I have forgotten about, or if you want to say something about the other things I mentioned before that I would like to know of you.
– Thank you!



“Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can’t find what keeps me here”
(Haunted – Evanescence)



Eminem – Lose Yourself

Hello there, everyone! Trying to squeeze in some blogging between all the pre-holiday tests that all the teachers puts us through. Thought I’d start on the poll requests from last month. I can’t believe it’s been so long! Shame on me! Well, today’s song is “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, as Eminem was the most voted artist on the poll. This will be interesting. The song was published as a single from the original soundtrack of the movie 8 Mile in 2002. The lyrics are here, and the music video is for you to enjoy below (I know the quality isn’t that good, but I hate it when some words are just cut out of the song, so I found one with both the complete song and video!) :


Eminem is a genius. You really understand why this song won awards.

It’s amazing how he can get so many words stuffed in to one song that lasts for only 5 minutes! I know, that’s called rap, but still…
I love the slow beginning with the piano, and that it sort of builds up with guitars and a strong beat and when the refrain comes you are so in the moment with him. At least I am. The lyrics are very influenced by the movie 8 Mile, and he wrote them in between the takes for it, so you would understand them better if you watched the movie. I haven’t watched it myself yet, but I’m planning to…
The music video has scenes from the movie and was directed by Eminem himself.
It has been categorized as  “Hardcore hip hop” and when you read the lyrics you will understand why!
Eminem is an incredibly great rapper and he is still writes amazing songs. Some rappers just get out-dated, but not Eminem, and when you listen to this you understand why.


“You better lose yourself in the music, the moment 
You want it, you better never let it go 
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow 
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”
(Lose Yourself – Eminem)



Hi! Terribly sorry to have been gone for such a long time. I have missed writing, but I needed to concentrate on my homework for some time. I don’t know yet if I will be back for good just yet, but I will try.

I have checked the voting, and it seems that a lot of my readers would like me to write about Eminem, and some also about Linkin Park, and I got a comment stuffed with suggestions for other artists and songs to write about. I will do so, but since it’s my first day back, I thought I should write about a song that means a bit more to me, just to get back in the game. With that said, I haven’t closed the poll yet, so you can still go and vote for artists, the ones that are in there from before, or suggest new ones, and I will check it out.

I have also discovered some new music that I can’t wait to share with you, so I really hope I get the time to write more.

“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity 
To seize everything you ever wanted, one moment 
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?”
(Lose Yourself – Eminem)

“Your voice was all I heard, that I get what I deserve”
(New Divide – Linkin Park)

New artists?

I have thought long about if this blog has enough variety in songs. That is why I created this poll below, in which I ask for suggestions for artists to write a post about. Well, it wouldn’t be about the artist, but a song by the artist. (If you want info on the artist, use Wikipedia, for God’s sake!) You may submit your own answers to this poll, if you’d like. I have just come up with some examples, that I actually may consider writing about if you want me to.
The only rule is, that there is some artists I won’t write about, no matter how badly you want me to. You should know what I’m talking about, and I don’t even want to mention them. This is a blog about the music that I like and love, not what fourteen years-old girls like…
You may also select several of the alternatives, just to have it said.
You can comment on the post if there are some special songs you want me to write about (and make it easier for me, haha)


“I hold my breath as this life starts to take its toll
I hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds
But oh, God, I feel I’ve been lied to
Lost all faith in the things I have achieved”
(Away From Me – Evanescence)