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Hey there! I know it was requested for quite some time ago that I should do a review on the entire Evanescence album, and I forgot for a while (understatement), but now I’m doing it. (Should have done it just after I got the album, but nothing  I can do about it now…)


What You Want is an amazingly empowering song, and worked super as the first single off the album. What You Want really makes you want to do what you want!

Made Of Stone is strong in the lyrics, and has great beat and riffs. It kicks ass, showing both weakness and strong attitude at the same time.

The Change also has strong lyrics, and when listening to it you feel yourself screaming on the inside, just like the lyrics say.

My Heart Is Broken just slides in as next song, with a sweet piano intro, and the piano continues through the whole song. The song itself is direct, but the meaning is a little different than the title implies.

The Other Side starts with Will’s heavy drum beat alone, followed by heavier guitars and then Amy’s voice. After bridge the song is stripped down again to just the piano, before taking it all up again to the end.

Erase This has a higher tempo, it seems more stressed. They take it down just a notch in the refrain, before they turn it up again. The song is dramatic, with a prominent element of high piano notes, and the occasional violin in the bridge.

Lost In Paradise is just the perfect rock ballad. Amy’s vocals are very strong in this song. It starts off wonderfully, and when the band kicks in, the song is just blown wide open, leaving it to be more wonderful, breathtaking.

Sick starts with a low synth key and the bass from Tim. The song seems dark and twisted, with Amy yelling that she’s “sick of it all”.

End Of The Dream begins with a cool guitar riff, and as Amy sings, we can hear in the background that the piano plays the melody in some lines. She sings “As much as it hurts, ain’t it wonderful to feel?” and as I hear her, and feel the energy, I must say that indeed it is.

Oceans is another song that starts with a low synth tone, followed by Amy’s voice, Will, and the rest of the band in the refrain. Terry showing off with some cool riffs afterwards. The energy continues to show as Amy sings her lungs out: “Cross the oceans in my mind”.

Never Go Back is about the victims of the tsunami in Japan. I just love when the whole band just stops as Amy sings “I don’t belong here – alone. This is for the survivors of the tsunami, to those who lived through it.

Swimming Home is like the opposite of the previous song. It’s like the ones who died, answering to the survivors. The song is very electronic, and the furthest from what Evanescence is portrayed as that you can come.

New Way To Bleed is very sore, even though there are guitars and drums. Maybe it’s because of the screaming, and the lyrics.

Say You Will seems to create hope after New Way To Bleed, with strong guitars, and fast drum beat, and lyrics that take charge of the situation.

Disappear is another song that has a lot of energy, and feels very open, and has hope too. “Take it back, take it back, I still believe you can!“, it seems so empowering, and with rocking guitars and pounding drums, you can really feel it.

Secret Door is the final song on the album. A sweet ending with a beautiful harp tune, accompanied by violins and a few piano tones.


Well, to sum things up, most of the songs are very strong and rocking hard, and the slow ones are just plain beautiful. I even learned to like Swimming Home, which is the most controversial song on the album. This album shows the renewed energy that Evanescence has brought to life. All in one, this album is as great as the rest. The songs are rougher, and in total feels more free than the other albums. The piano is very strong in several of the songs, but is worked into the songs, and it seems as though the whole band is cooperating totally, and on an entirely different level than they have before. The album starts with a big shout-out, and ends with a sweet closure to it all.


“Do what you, what you want ’til you don’t want it anymore”
(What You Want – Evanescence)

“Follow my love back through the same secret door”
(Secret Door – Evanescence)



Hey ya’ll! I thought I would do something new this time. I checked out the Live act Evanescence did in Morocco May 20th this year (2012), and figured, “why not share the joy?”. So, now I’m sharing!

The complete concert playlist consists of the songs:

  • What You Want (Evanescence)
  • Going Under (Fallen)
  • The Other Side (Evanescence)
  • Weight Of The World (The Open Door)
  • Made Of Stone (Evanescence)
  • Lost In Paradise (Evanescence)
  • My Heart Is Broken (Evanescence)
  • Lithium (The Open Door)
  • Sick (Evanescence)
  • The Change (Evanescence)
  • Call Me When You’re Sober (The Open Door)
  • Imaginary (Fallen)
  • Never Go Back (Evanescence)
  • Bring Me To Life (Fallen)
  • Swimming Home (Evanescence)
  • Your Star (The Open Door)
  • My Immortal (Fallen)

Below are the songs in correct order, and in pretty good quality. (It pissed me off that WordPress wouldn’t let me post the songs as video clips, only as links, but unfortunately I can’t do anything about that). I hope you all will enjoy this little treat. (If not, you will waste more than an hour listening to this anyway!)

Edit: Now all the links I put up for you have been taken down by YouTube, so the only thing I have to offer you is the complete video of the concert, with progressively more delay towards the end of the concert (which I must say I hate, and I would never publish for you if there was any other way). Apparently the copyright laws are strict in Morocco, so this is the only thing you get. I hope you still can enjoy this great concert.



Evanescence holding the flag of Morocco


“Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies, so I don’t know what’s real and what’s not
Always confusing the thoughts in my head, so I can’t trust myself anymore”
(Going Under – Evanescence)