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Hi there! So, I was suddenly very inspired by this song, and had a sliver of time that I didn’t need to use studying, so I thought this would be the perfect moment to write a blog post! So, I want to review the song Take Me Through The Fire by Machine Head, off their album Bloodstone And Diamonds (2014). Here are the lyrics. (Also, much to my annoyance, the recorded version of the song is not on YouTube, so for the video, I hope you can enjoy the live version, and if you want to listen to the recorded version, you can do so on Spotify here). Enjoy!

As I said, I was just suddenly struck by inspiration, and this was because of the guitar riffs, that are just so magnificently great. Rob Flynn sounds like he is in such despair as he gnarls the words “The drum beats on as I fall in trance / Stepping away from the endless dance”. Flynn has a rough, raspy voice through the whole of the song, making it sound more angry. The drum beats makes the song perfect for perfect head-banging and generally this song is awesome to see and hear live, as the audience definitely get carried away. I get carried away just by listening to this in my living room! The steady drum beat almost counting up to the chorus is incredibly effective, building up to the chorus. I also just love the chanting before the bridge to the guitar solo, and of course the guitar solo itself is amazing. This is just simply a well composed, really heavy metal song, just what I needed right now.

“No subtleties truth is all that I ask
No pleasantries you can take off that mask”
(Take Me Through The Fire – Machine Head)

Hi there! I know, it’s been too long, but it’s been a crazy busy May with spring celebration and my first exam was today, so I hope you will forgive me…
Should have done this ages ago, but now I am, so today’s song is Be Still And Know by Machine Head. The song was published on the album Unto The Locust in 2011. Here are the lyrics (beware of some small errors), enjoy!

A dear friend of mine showed me this song, and I immediately fell in love with it.
The amazingly awesome guitar riffs are what caught my attention at first, and that’s what I like the most about this song. The song is rocking so hard, I can’t stand the urge to head bang a little. I mean, really, this song has some seriously heavy and cool energy.
The lyrics are deep and awesome, and I really like that it’s expressed in such a rough voice with such strong energy. Might be also that the drums and guitars are helping convey this awesome energy, or more likely, a combination of everything. (And yes, I know I’ve used that word a lot now, but can’t you feel it?!?) I just know I like this song very much, and wanted you all to hear this piece of awesomeness.

“Stars realign in the sky
Glaciers will melt and the oceans rise
Waves will come crashing ashore, but withstand the roar
And the sun will rise
Dawn will break the blackest nights
Distant in its glow
This shall pass, be still and know”
(Be Still And Know – Machine Head)

Loudwire Music Awards 2012

Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to tell those of you who didn’t know, it’s time for the Loudwire Music Awards 2012!
Vote for your favorite bands, artists and music to win in the following categories:

  • Most Devoted Fans
  • New Artist
  • Drummer
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist
  • Vocalist
  • Metal Band
  • Rock Band
  • Metal Album
  • Rock Album
  • Live Act
  • Rock Titan
  • Rock Goddess
  • Metal Video
  • Rock Video
  • Metal Song
  • Rock Song

(Every category is “of the year”)

That’s a LOT of categories, so make sure you vote for your favorites! You can vote once per hour.
The voting closes at January 15.
You can begin to vote here, and just move on to the next category by pressing the red button below the results.
Happy voting!


“Fuck me, I’m all out of enemies”
(Spit It Out – Slipknot)