Well, Hello! Today’s song, and first artist for this challenge, is “Innocence” by the American rock band Halestorm. The band was founded by the siblings Lzzy(her actual name is Elizabeth, but her stage name is Lzzy) and Arejay Hale (thereof the name Halestorm).  The song was released on their self titled album (Halestorm) in 2009. The song was actually co-written by Ben Moody, which is the co-founder, and previous member of Evanescence (ironically, I’ve listened to this for a while, and checked out just now about the song, and there his name was… funny how things like that happen to me). You can read the lyrics here. Enjoy the song!



I absolutely adore the guitar riffs. Really fantastic.  Lzzy’s got an amazing voice (her actual name is Elizabeth Hale, but her stage name is Lzzy). You really hear it in the mid of the song, after the bridge, “Child don’t follow me home”, I got chills the first time I listened to that.
They’re different. The lyrics are not all that mushy and all about love. The song is more of the bitchy type, if you know what I mean. She’s still the girl, but the roles are kind of different, turned in a way. Normally you would think that it’s the girl who’s the “child”, but since it’s Lzzy who’s singing, it seems as she wants a boy’s “innocence”. That’s pretty neat to me, it makes me feel powerful as a girl. You can hear it in their other songs too, the kick-ass lyrics, you get confidence as a girl when you listen to them, and that’s great. Different, but definitely brilliant.


“If you choose to stay you’ll throw it all away
And I just want to take your innocence”
(Innocence – Halestorm)