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Evanescence – Understanding

Hey there! Now I’m finally doing a post on the song Understanding by Evanescence (which I planned to do many weeks ago). The song was published 1998 on the Evanescence EP. and is credited as the second song ever written by Evanescence. Here are the lyrics, as well as in the video below.


The song starts with an audio clip from the movie “My World Dies Screaming” (also known as “Terror In The Haunted House”) from 1958, and an organ, which makes the mood of the song kind of gloomy and gothic. The song also contains some audio clips from the movie “When A Man Loves A Woman” (1994). Of all the audio parts, I especially liked “But the imprint is always there, Nothing is ever really forgotten” from “My World Dies Screaming”. The mixing of audio clips and music is strange, but interesting, and not a thing that you hear very often in music. The song moves slowly forward until 04.38, when the guitars kick in, and we get the more rock-like sound that we all like so much. I’m also very fascinated by Amy’s vocals, she sounds almost like in agony, but still it is very beautiful. It’s actually Amy that sings the extremely high notes of the soprano voice in the background as well. The song ends as it started, with an audio clip and the organ. The lyrics are beautiful and deep, and just as gothic as the music itself.


“Can’t fight it all away, can’t hope it all away
Can’t scream it all away, it just won’t fade away, no
Ooh, can’t wash it all away, can’t wish it all away
Can’t cry it all away, can’t scratch it all away”
(Understanding – Evanescence)



Hey! I think it’s been a long time since last time I did an Evanescence review, so now is the time. This time it’s Call Me When You’re Sober, off the album The Open Door (2006). Just saying something similar to what Amy Lee did in an concert before playing this: This one’s for the girls! The lyrics are here, and the awesome music video is below:



The song is just amazing. Amy looks smashing as always, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, just darker, more gothic-like. They even included a wolf. Brilliant. The lyrics are cool and have an attitude, like when she sings “Should have let you fall, lose it all” and  “You never call me when you’re sober, you only want it cause it’s over, aah, it’s over”. With a bittersweet start, so to say, Amy takes us away with clear vocals and the piano, followed by the rest of the band into the epicness of the song. The piano is pretty prominent as an instrument in this song, the melody is wonderful.  The song ends as it starts, with a little twist, and Amy’s deep gaze into the camera, mesmerizing us with her eyes.


“How could I have burned paradise?
How could I? You were never mine.”
(Call Me When You’re Sober – Evanescence)


Epica – Never Enough

Hi there! Sorry, I’m a bit behind on my schedule now, but I hope you forgive me. At least I’ve managed to keep the posts within 24 hours of each other. Today I’m writing about the song Never Enough by Epica, a Dutch symphonic metal band. The song was released on the album The Divine Conspiracy in 2007. The epic lyrics are here (though I think they are a bit wrong, but I’ll get back to that), and the official music video is (or at least should be) below:

The voice of the Simone Simons, the vocalist, is really remarkable. It is downright grand. In the refrain we can hear both Simone’s wonderful voice, and the other vocalist, and founder of the band, Mark Jansen’s deep growls in the background.  The song is really big and sort of gothic, even though it’s not really what you would think when you read the lyrics. I like the whole sound of the song, the combination of Simone’s voice, the synth piano and violins, and the constantly chugging guitars.

I think there is an error in the lyrics, and I couldn’t find any lyrics page that had the right ones. Instead of “Because you are consumed and incontent”, I think it should be “Because you are consumed and in contempt. What do you think? I think it sounds better, since I’ve never heard of the word “incontent” (and neither did the online dictionaries!), and “in content” sounds weird to me, but “in contempt” would suit well for the context, I think. This kind of ruined my quote. Damn it.  (Let me know what you think!)

The music video is really self explanatory, so I don’t have to say much about it, except from stating the fact that Simone looks smashing, and that I like the fact that the band is flashing on and off again in the video. Cool concept.


“Always hearing what your ears can’t hear
Feeling what your hands can’t touch
Thinking you’re incomplete”
(Never Enough – Epica)