Today (or what’s left of it) I’m doing a review of the song Already Over by the American rock band Red. The song was published on the album End Of Silence in 2006. The lyrics are here, and in the video. (A little unsure if the lyrics in the video is the same as in the link, but what the heck) Enjoy.



This was the first song I ever heard by Red, and this song is the one that made me want to check them out further. I like this song a lot because of the slow intro with a nice piano part, and the way it builds up to a rough refrain. The lyrics are good too. A little inconsistent perhaps, but all together a great song.
Unfortunately I’ve got nothing else to say about this song. I just enjoy listening to it, it rocks.


“I Give it all to you
Let go of me
Reaching as I fall
I know it’s already over now”
(Already Over – Red)