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Life changing story

Hi! As you might have noticed, this blog is blog is about the music that I love and want to share my opinion about to the rest of the world for those who want to see. That is why I think it’s time you got to know a little something special.
I want to tell you a little story. The story of how I became interested in rock music and, most of all, how I became such a huge Evanescence fan. It all started about 7-8 years ago, I think. I was looking through my CD’s for music to fill my new MP3 player with. I listened to many songs, and decided to listen through one more of the hit single CD’s I had collected over the years. And there it was, the strangest thing. I couldn’t even read the name of the band, let alone pronounce it, but the song was called Bring Me To Life.
It was like an epiphany to me, something I’d never heard before, and something I’d never thought I would like. But there it was, the sweet and rough notes of Bring Me To Life was flowing through the speakers of my stereo, and I knew I needed to hear more. I remembered seeing the name “Ev-something something” on another CD, and I quickly looked through my other CD’s, only to find only one more song, My Immortal. That was it though, I was spellbound, and I knew I had to find more of this wonderful music.
This music has inspired and helped me through a lot of things over the years, both good and bad, and I don’t know what or who I would’ve been without it. You can almost say it brought me back to life.
Today I have all three studio albums, the live album, clothes and accessories all marked with the name of the music I’ve come to love so much.

My Evanescence CD's

My Evanescence CD’s


“Call my name and save me from the dark”
(Bring Me To Life – Evanescence)

“I’ve held your hand through all of these years but you still have all of me”
(My Immortal – Evanescence)


Hey ya’ll! I thought I would do something new this time. I checked out the Live act Evanescence did in Morocco May 20th this year (2012), and figured, “why not share the joy?”. So, now I’m sharing!

The complete concert playlist consists of the songs:

  • What You Want (Evanescence)
  • Going Under (Fallen)
  • The Other Side (Evanescence)
  • Weight Of The World (The Open Door)
  • Made Of Stone (Evanescence)
  • Lost In Paradise (Evanescence)
  • My Heart Is Broken (Evanescence)
  • Lithium (The Open Door)
  • Sick (Evanescence)
  • The Change (Evanescence)
  • Call Me When You’re Sober (The Open Door)
  • Imaginary (Fallen)
  • Never Go Back (Evanescence)
  • Bring Me To Life (Fallen)
  • Swimming Home (Evanescence)
  • Your Star (The Open Door)
  • My Immortal (Fallen)

Below are the songs in correct order, and in pretty good quality. (It pissed me off that WordPress wouldn’t let me post the songs as video clips, only as links, but unfortunately I can’t do anything about that). I hope you all will enjoy this little treat. (If not, you will waste more than an hour listening to this anyway!)

Edit: Now all the links I put up for you have been taken down by YouTube, so the only thing I have to offer you is the complete video of the concert, with progressively more delay towards the end of the concert (which I must say I hate, and I would never publish for you if there was any other way). Apparently the copyright laws are strict in Morocco, so this is the only thing you get. I hope you still can enjoy this great concert.



Evanescence holding the flag of Morocco


“Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies, so I don’t know what’s real and what’s not
Always confusing the thoughts in my head, so I can’t trust myself anymore”
(Going Under – Evanescence)


Hi there! Today I’m reviewing a song by the band 12 Stones called “Welcome To The End”. It was released in 2010 on the EP “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”. The lyrics are both in the video, and here.



I sort of already knew that 12 Stones was a good band, because Paul McCoy, the vocalist, featured with guest vocals in “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence. Well, at least I knew that they had a good vocalist, the rest I had to check out.
Pretty awesome song. It sort of has an attitude. Especially in the end of the end of the refrain; “We’ve finally reached our bitter end – Welcome to the end”.
The riffs are good too. Playing in general is great. It doesn’t stand out that much, but I like it. It rocks, and that’s enough. It’s really grown on me, sort of gets better and better. And the refrain is catchy. That’s hard to find in a rock song, actually.
I’ve reached the end…


“I’ll be standing in the fire when it all goes up in flames”
(Welcome To The End – 12 Stones)


Hey There! Now it’s time for my first real post at this blog, and I choose to start this blog with writing about my favourite song, Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. (You can find lyrics here)

(I’m just throwing in the video for reference, so you don’t have to search for yourself, there are so very few who bothers anyway.)
The video is greatly directed, but the quality is poor. I couldn’t find any better, and I’m lazy, so I didn’t bother to look for something that I’ve spent hours looking for earlier. Now I’ll stop bothering you with my random writing and cut to the chase.

I really love this song, and it is one of the most popular Evanescence songs. It is from their first real album, Fallen, which was published in 2003. I love this song because of its meaning. Amy Lee, the vocalist, is telling us to do something with our lives before it’s too late. I think that is a great message, and the way she is getting the message across to us is wonderful.

I love the way the song builds up from the slow start, with beautiful piano and soft vocals, into the rough guitars and strong voice of Amy. The song also features guest vocalist Paul McCoy from 12 Stones. Originally it was intended to be without a male voice, but since it was made the soundtrack of the movie DareDevil, the producers felt it would be more of a hit with some male contribution, since the movie is more of a guy-movie (kind of sexist, if you ask me!).
Anyways, it turned out to be great, but I really like the two demo-versions too, both with awesome guitars instead of the part where they sing “All of this time, I can’t believe I couldn’t see, kept in the dark, but you where there in front of me” and so on… You can listen to the two demo-versions on The Evanescence Reference. (If you’re lazy too, you can find the page by clicking here)

Well, as I will try to do, which I also have done with my other blog, I will finish the post with a quote from a song, and naturally I will quote Bring Me To Life this time. I usually choose something that I can relate to with my own life. Here it goes…

“Save me from the nothing I’ve become”
(Bring Me To Life – Evanescence)