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Hi everyone! First, I’d like to say that I have gone through all the posts on this blog and replaced the links and videos that don’t exist any more with working ones, so that you can easily listen to the music I write about without going through the trouble of finding them yourselves. So now, everything should be alright.
It’s actually been closer to three years since I did a Slipknot-post, and of the bands I have listened to over the years, this is one of those that has stuck by me since I discovered them. On that note, I think now’s the time to revive them on my blog (I have done playlists with them since 2013, but not song reviews). I’ve chosen a song I’ve discovered not so long ago, despite it being around for a pretty long time: The Heretic Anthem, off the album Iowa (2001). You can read the lyrics here. Enjoy!

I just love how the sound image is so complex, and still works like a bitch. It’s one of Slipknot’s trademarks, if you ask me, and a reason why they are so popular. The guitars are killing it, with hard hitting riffs. The double bass drums make the song even harder, not to speak of the rest of the percussionists’ artwork. Corey Taylor, yelling the angry lyrics as he is surrounded by a heavy atmosphere of sound. I also love the idea of Corey calling and the rest of the band answering in the refrain. Sometimes I wonder how I can think of this as beautiful, but I simply enjoy great musicians doing what they do best, and Slipknot do have something special, in my opinion.

“Nobody wants anything I’ve got
Which is fine, because you’re made of
Everything I’m not”
(The Heretic Anthem – Slipknot)



How I discover music

This is just a short little post about how I find my way thought the musical jungle that exists on the Internet. Maybe I can inspire you to go out there and look for “new” music, and maybe you will find your new favorite band or artist!
Mostly, when I don’t want to use a lot of time searching the web, I simply use the Discover Weekly function on Spotify, which gives you recommendations based on what you listen to. This works like a charm for me because I listen mostly to one type of music. Hard and Heavy. Every now and then, I find new music in metal magazine votings, like Loudwire’s March Metal Madness (which happens to be going on right now, and you can vote in the semifinal here), or Loudwire’s Cage Matches (yes, I like Loudwire, any other recommendations/suggestions?).

I might also try some of the recommendations from YouTube (even though their recommendations function might be a bit flawed).
Sometimes I take the time to listen to top 5 songs from related artists (on Spotify) of bands or artists that I like particularly well, or top lists of metal or rock bands produced by rock and metal magazines online.
Also, I can use the radio-function on Spotify to find both “old” (read: music that I already listen to) and new music that I like.
(Spotify is just a great music tool for me, really, I love it. Not to advertise, but I do. I used to have to buy whole albums or mixed albums to get some of the songs I liked, or even download music online, but now I don’t need to. I can buy an album if I really like the artist, to support them, but mostly I just pay for Spotify Premium and get ALL the music I want – almost – all the time. Some live stuff and some songs or albums are not available on Spotify, unfortunately, but that’s what YouTube is for, isn’t it? Whatever, enormously long rant).

Maybe you got some tips on how to search for new music. Maybe there are some things I might learn from you? Do you have any advice on how to easily find great music?


“Find the power to devour
Let the beast inside now be woken”
(Immortalized – Disturbed)


Hi there! I have done something I consider myself smart for. I have really been looking for the lyrics to the song My Hollow Shell by Swedish heavy metal band Corroded, which I did a review of back in 2012 ( which you can read HERE). I was annoyed that the lyrics to this song was not published anywhere, and it seems as if there are many of you out there that searches for these lyrics. My review of the song is actually 6th if you search on google for “my hollow shell corroded lyrics”.
Now, however, the smart thing I did, was that I bought the album the song is on, and because of that, got the lyrics in the CD booklet. I am now giving them to you. ( I took the liberty to correct a grammatical error in the lyrics, though, as I am pretty sure that they mean “lose” instead of what they wrote: “loose”, in the refrain).

My own hard copy of Exit to Transfer - Corroded

My own hard copy of the album Exit to Transfer by Corroded

Here are the official lyrics for the song My Hollow Shell by Corroded, off the album Exit to Transfer (2010):
My personal decay, further, faster longer gone
Killing my mind for it to leave me in peace
Once with eyes of clarity, shrouded in a veil
Yearning for relief that is nowhere to be found 

I don’t want to be so broken
I don’t want to be, so scarred beyond belief
There is nothing left to lose, but I’m bound to try
Nothing left, nothing to repair
I don’t want to be so broken
I don’t want to be, so scarred beyond belief
There is nothing left to lose, but I’m bound to try
Alone in my hollow shell

A sense of purpose left, since long gone lost
Treading on glass in the minefield of my brain
Hollow thoughts where once a mind was found
Screaming at the ghosts whom are long gone now

(Guitar Solo)

I don’t want to be so broken 
I don’t want to be, so scarred beyond belief
There is nothing left to lose, but I’m bound to try
Nothing left, nothing to repair
I don’t want to be so broken
I don’t want to be, so scarred beyond belief
There is nothing left to lose, but I’m bound to try
Alone in my hollow shell.

I hope you will enjoy the song more with the knowledge of what they actually are singing. I know I feel a sense of relief for it. They are dark and sore, which fits the song perfectly, and as metal should sound. Don’t have much else to say, but I really hope you appreciated this post, and I hope you will read my review as well.

“Yearning for relief that is nowhere to be found”
(My Hollow Shell – Corroded)

… and no posts published. That didn’t mean I didn’t listen to music, it just meant I needed a break. A long one. Too much other things to do. Life happened. Whatever. Now, I have thought many a time about starting this thing up again, but then I would fall asleep, or I run out of hot water, or my class started. I’ve even written some posts over the year, but never gotten around to post them.
I’ve listened to a lot of good music the last year, and came to the conclusion that good music needs to be listened to loudly, so I even changed my under-title.

Right now I’m supposed to write a hand-in for my psychology-class, but the music I was supposed to listen to IN THE BACKGROUND was more interesting than the task at hand. I cranked the volume up, and now I’m writing inspired by these wonderful tunes. I have so much to show you, even though you’ve probably heard it before, or at least should have heard it before. There’s been at least a couple of new albums that’s worth a listen-through the past year, so I have my work cut out for me.

So, for a start-up tune, I’ve chosen this; old, but gold:

Deep and dark, just like Amy herself, with hints of sinister forces. The choir, the instruments, the voice – wonderfully composed.

“Don’t turn away
Don’t try to hide
Don’t close your eyes
Don’t turn out the light”
(Whisper – Evanescence)


Hey! So, I have some great news here… I’ve wanted to tell you for so long… for some time ago, my friend and I ordered tickets to the Avenged Sevenfold concert in Oslo, Norway in November! Yes, you read right, AVENGED SEVENFOLD! If that wasn’t enough, the support bands for this concert is Five Finger Death Punch AND Device! So, yeah, I’m super excited, and I wanted to share this good news with you (and make you envy me a little). BUT, not only that, I decided to make a big deal out of it on this blog, so for the next three posts, I will be dealing with songs from these three bands, starting with Avenged Sevenfold, of course.
ALSO: Avenged Sevenfold comes out with their sixth album on August 27th titled Hail to the King, and Five Finger Death Punch is coming out with their fourth album on July 30th titled The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1. For those of you who don’t know, Device is a newly formed industrial metal band, with David Draiman from Disturbed in the front, and they published their self titled debut album (Device) earlier this year (2013). So now you might form a vision of how this might sound.

This means there’s a lot of more good music coming on this blog soon, so stay tuned for more music and awesomeness.


“Come back to me, it’s almost easy”
“I’m losing the fight, I’ve treated you so wrong, now let me make it right”
(Almost Easy – Avenged Sevenfold)



Hello there, followers (and other (un)fortunate ones who stumbled upon this blog by accident)! Are there any readers still out there, or have you abandoned me completely, like I did for a while with this blog? I will try to be back for as long as I can, and I will try to post more, but I can’t guarantee anything while I’m working, and don’t have Internet access at home. However! Today I’m doing the best I can with the limited Internet access I have, and so, I’m doing a post on the song by Slipknot called Vermilion. It was published on the album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) in 2004. Here are the lyrics, and below is the music video.

The song itself sounds vicious almost, with the little piano melody mixed with the guitars and Corey’s disturbing (and awesome) voice, and the programming isn’t making the sound any better. Anyhow, I love the way it sounds, it’s not bad just because it sounds dark, rather the opposite. The lyrics makes the song complete, with these small sentences that make it sound like the writer is mad, it brings the wholeness out even more. I won’t even bother to tell you that I liked the guitar solo, however short it was. There is a part 2 to this song, which you can check out here (which I will deal with on a later occasion). The music video is rather disturbing as well, but hey, it’s Slipknot, what were you expecting?


“I’m a slave, and I am a master”
“I won’t let this build up inside of me”
(Vermilion – Slipknot)



1 year!

As it is my 1-year anniversary of this blog (at least for a couple of minutes more), I decided to do a poll on how things have been up to now. I want to know what’s been good, what you liked, what you want more of, maybe some suggestions to what I should write about – what you want my opinion on. Maybe also you could say something about what I can do better (except for the fact that I need to write more often!). Said in an easier way: I want to know everything!
So, this poll is about what you want more of on this blog, and I have made it possible to click on more than one alternative (just for the record).

I hope you will vote, so I get a clue on how things are. You can also comment if there are other things that I have forgotten about, or if you want to say something about the other things I mentioned before that I would like to know of you.
– Thank you!



“Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can’t find what keeps me here”
(Haunted – Evanescence)


New challenge – New artists

Yes, you read right. As a follow-up on a suggestion from one of my readers, I will find 5 new artists and blog about them. Have already looked through lot of “new” bands and artists, and I think I will manage to pick out 5 of them to blog about. The “new” part is that they are new to me (and new to this blog), and I guess some readers will think that I’ve missed out on something, since I’ve only just discovered the bands before, but at least I’ve checked them out now!
The 5 “new” artists I will blog about are the following:

  • Halestorm
  • 12 Stones
  • Red
  • Epica
  • Dream Theater

… in that order, I think. I will see what kind of inspiration that comes to mind when I listen to their songs… At least I think I have decided which songs to write about for these artists, and that’s pretty good, considering I have trouble with deciding pretty much anything.
I hope you will enjoy this, because I think I will! Happy reading!


“Now that I know the way you play, I don’t want to”
(Forever You – Evanescence)


Something missing?

Hi there! I just wanted to let you all know that if there is something you miss on my site, you can always ask for it! I would love it if you would tell me what you want from this site, what you expect. You can post the questions or requests on the “Questions?” – page (and if you are too lazy to look for it yourself, here’s a link).
Looking forward to reading from you!

“Piecing every thought together
Find the words to make me better”
(All That I’m Living For – Evanescence)



I know I haven’t blogged in a really, REALLY long time, and I’m sorry! I have had so much homework, and I still do, so you would have to wait some more before something new gets posted.
But since I’m way too tired to blog now, I will suggest you visit the blog of a friend of mine:


He has a great music taste (okay, it’s a bit similar to mine, so of course I would say that, haha), and writes well.
His last post was on the song “Haunted” by Evanescence, really good!


“Long lost words whisper slowly to me,
Still can’t find what keeps me here
When all this time I’ve been so hollow inside
I know you’re still there”
(Haunted – Evanescence)