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12 Stones – World So Cold

Hello there! Today I’m doing a post on the song World So Cold by 12 Stones. The song was published on the album Anthem For The Underdog in 2007. You can check out the lyrics here.

I think this song is very beautiful and something to think about. The lyrics are sad but good, dealing with the evils of the world. The song starts out slow and builds up as the song goes on to “There’s a sickness inside you that wants to escape” and so on, which I think is a brilliant part. The strings make the song more dramatic and lifts the song quite a bit. Paul’s voice is great, showing that he’s not just the heavy rock kind of guy. Yes, I like this song very much, and it reminds me to forgive and not to hate.


“It starts with pain followed by hate
Fueled by these endless questions no one can answer
A stain covers your heart and tears you apart
Just like a sleeping cancer”
(World So Cold – 12 Stones)



12 Stones – Games You Play

Today’s song is Games You Play by 12 Stones. The song was published in 2007 on the album Anthem For The Underdog. Here are the lyrics. I unfortunately only got a Spotify link for the song, since it’s nowhere to be found on YouTube except from cover versions, and that sucks, but that’s life. Enjoy!

12 Stones – Games You Play

I really enjoy the guitar riffs in this song, and the drums make it even better. The lyrics are brilliant, they have both an attitude and also some vulnerability. The song is a very straight forward rock song, and though I kind of miss a solo in there somewhere, the bridge make up for it all. I really really like this song a lot, and thought it was important to share this with you, maybe especially because it can’t be found on YouTube.


“I don’t know why and I don’t know how I let you control my inner self
As cold as you are, I’m counting the scars
They’re proving to me just who you are”
(Games You Play – 12 Stones)