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Hi everyone. I was very sad to hear today that Chris Cornell has died. I don’t want to speculate on how or why, but I felt it was right to post a song that has helped me through some tough times, and which have given me inspiration. That song is Live To Rise by Soundgarden, which was published on the The Avengers soundtrack Avengers Assemble (2012). Here are the lyrics.

I first heard this song in the end credits to the Marvel Studios film The Avengers, in a movie theater. And if you know how Marvel works, you know to sit through the end credits of every film they make. So I did. And since then, I’ve been listening to this song, which was how I got introduced to Soundgarden and Chris Cornell as an artist. I’ve already posted a review on Show Me How To Live by Audioslave, which was one of his other bands, and which you can read here. I even included both that and this song on my “Most iconic songs”-list, which you can find here. Holy crap he was talented. But this wasn’t supposed to be a eulogy, so here we go:
The intro is a funky and catchy riff, and I like how the drums stop to let us get a clear listen at the sound of the guitar before the song continues. The song slows down for the verses to a simple playing of guitar and bass chords, drum, and Chris Cornell’s voice, with a little flavor of sound from the electric guitar. Chris has the most improbable and effortlessly high voice I’ve heard from a male vocalist before, and yet it is deep and soulful as well, and calming as he sings “Warm my face, warm your face”. I just dig the guitar solo, it kicks ass, and you can hear it continuing in the background as Chris sings out the last two rounds of the chorus, ending the song. This isn’t the most popular song, or even the best, but this is a song that mean something to me, and that I wanted to share with you all. Rest in peace, Chris Cornell.

“What if the one thing that I missed
Was everything I need to pass the test?
And if I fail what happens then?
Can I still count on you as a friend?
We’re insane but not alone,
You hold on and let go”
(Live To Rise – Soundgarden)



Hi everyone! Today is the National Day of Norway! So congratulations to all my Norwegian readers! I hope you all have had a wonderful day. Just to finish the day off nicely, I wanted to share the live version of the song Slip to the Void by Alter Bridge, which I did a review on in February this year. I got goosebumps when I heard the start of this live version so I decided you all also needed to hear it. Here are the lyrics for you again, and below is the video. If you want to listen to it on Spotify, you can do that here!

This is a somewhat sped-up version, which is cool, even though I love Myles Kennedy’s voice, and would have loved to have it in the normal tempo, so that he would use it in his even more extraordinary way, as he usually does. Now, if you want to read the review, you can do it here. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

“Peel back the skin
Close your eyes
Hell is born
To the abyss but be warned”
(Slip to the Void – Alter Bridge)

Hi there! I have done something I consider myself smart for. I have really been looking for the lyrics to the song My Hollow Shell by Swedish heavy metal band Corroded, which I did a review of back in 2012 ( which you can read HERE). I was annoyed that the lyrics to this song was not published anywhere, and it seems as if there are many of you out there that searches for these lyrics. My review of the song is actually 6th if you search on google for “my hollow shell corroded lyrics”.
Now, however, the smart thing I did, was that I bought the album the song is on, and because of that, got the lyrics in the CD booklet. I am now giving them to you. ( I took the liberty to correct a grammatical error in the lyrics, though, as I am pretty sure that they mean “lose” instead of what they wrote: “loose”, in the refrain).

My own hard copy of Exit to Transfer - Corroded

My own hard copy of the album Exit to Transfer by Corroded

Here are the official lyrics for the song My Hollow Shell by Corroded, off the album Exit to Transfer (2010):
My personal decay, further, faster longer gone
Killing my mind for it to leave me in peace
Once with eyes of clarity, shrouded in a veil
Yearning for relief that is nowhere to be found 

I don’t want to be so broken
I don’t want to be, so scarred beyond belief
There is nothing left to lose, but I’m bound to try
Nothing left, nothing to repair
I don’t want to be so broken
I don’t want to be, so scarred beyond belief
There is nothing left to lose, but I’m bound to try
Alone in my hollow shell

A sense of purpose left, since long gone lost
Treading on glass in the minefield of my brain
Hollow thoughts where once a mind was found
Screaming at the ghosts whom are long gone now

(Guitar Solo)

I don’t want to be so broken 
I don’t want to be, so scarred beyond belief
There is nothing left to lose, but I’m bound to try
Nothing left, nothing to repair
I don’t want to be so broken
I don’t want to be, so scarred beyond belief
There is nothing left to lose, but I’m bound to try
Alone in my hollow shell.

I hope you will enjoy the song more with the knowledge of what they actually are singing. I know I feel a sense of relief for it. They are dark and sore, which fits the song perfectly, and as metal should sound. Don’t have much else to say, but I really hope you appreciated this post, and I hope you will read my review as well.

“Yearning for relief that is nowhere to be found”
(My Hollow Shell – Corroded)

Hey there! Okay, so today’s post is not going to be the conventional kind of blog post… I just had to share with you this pearl of a clip of Evanescence that I found on Twitter (and also retweeted, of course!), which I personally loved. This is Disappear  off their album Evanescence (2011). So, I’m not going to comment on Amy’s amazing vocals and awesome playing of the band, even not the crazy, surprising and cool guitar solo, because I know you can hear it, I’m just posting this clip and saving the comments for a later occasion. Listen and enjoy!


“Don’t you want to feel?
Don’t you want to live your life?
How much longer are you gonna give into the fear
I can’t go on pretending
So give me something real
No one in your way but you
How much longer are you gonna give into the fear

Holding you down ’til you disappear”
(Disappear – Evanescence)


Hello people! Today I’m doing yet another post on one of Halestorm’s songs. This one is called Hate It When You See Me Cry, and was published on the Deluxe Edition of the album The Strange Case Of… in 2012. Here are the lyrics.

It’s very simple and straight forward, but so good. The song starts right on with the vocals and a guitar, and the rest of the band kicks in on the second time Lzzy sings “I hate it when you see me cry“. Of course I like the guitar solo, though it’s not the most awesome I’ve ever heard, I always like a good guitar solo! The lyrics are both sweet and cool. “I’m here to save the world, but who will save super girl?”. I mean, that’s awesome. This song rocks, it just does.


“I’m your rock n’ roll Joan of Arc
The Queen of broken hearts
I’m here to save the world, but who will save super girl?”
(Hate It When You See Me Cry – Halestorm)


Halestorm – Break In

Hello there! Yep, it’s time for another song by Halestorm! This time it’s Break In off the album The Strange Case Of… (2012). Here are the lyrics.

The melody of this song is very beautiful. It’s a very calm and sweet song, compared to the rest of Halestorm’s repertoire, and so good. Lzzy’s voice is much more vulnerable when not accompanied by rough guitars and drums, but still very powerful. The lyrics are so sweet and great, well written.

I really wanted to show you a special live version of the song that was performed on every show of the Carnival of Madness Tour last year. You see, since both Evanescence and Halestorm were on the same tour, Lzzy and Amy Lee decided to work together on this song. Here you see the (in my opinion) fantastic result of the collaboration:


“You let me fall apart without letting go
Then you pick up the pieces and you make me whole”
(Break In – Halestorm)


Loudwire Music Awards 2012

Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to tell those of you who didn’t know, it’s time for the Loudwire Music Awards 2012!
Vote for your favorite bands, artists and music to win in the following categories:

  • Most Devoted Fans
  • New Artist
  • Drummer
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist
  • Vocalist
  • Metal Band
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  • Metal Album
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  • Live Act
  • Rock Titan
  • Rock Goddess
  • Metal Video
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  • Metal Song
  • Rock Song

(Every category is “of the year”)

That’s a LOT of categories, so make sure you vote for your favorites! You can vote once per hour.
The voting closes at January 15.
You can begin to vote here, and just move on to the next category by pressing the red button below the results.
Happy voting!


“Fuck me, I’m all out of enemies”
(Spit It Out – Slipknot)


Hello there! This time I’m writing about a song by Three Days Grace called Chalk Outline off the new album Transit Of Venus, published this year (2012). Here are the lyrics. Enjoy!


This seems like a new direction for Three Days Grace, but definitely not the wrong one. The song has great elements of guitar and programming mixed nicely into the song. The lyrics are awesome, using the metaphor of a crime scene very well. “You left me here like a chalk outline, on the sidewalk waiting for the rain to wash away, wash away. You keep coming back to the scene of the crime, but the dead can’t speak and there’s nothing left to say anyway”.  Adam Gonthier’s voice is still cool,  it seems like it’s a layer over the vocals in the verses, but not in the refrain, and that’s good. The new album is very fresh, published October 2nd and I think this song is a great choice as a single, it’s interesting and at least it makes me want to hear more of the new album.


“I’ve been cut, I’ve been opened up
I’ve been shattered by the ones I thought I loved”
(Chalk Outline – Three Days Grace)


12 Stones – Infected

Hey! This time I’m doing a review of the song Infected by 12 Stones off the album Beneath The Scars, published February this year (2012). Here are the lyrics, as well as in the cool lyric video below:


This is a really good rock song! Very catchy, got it stuck on my brain all day long yesterday and today.  The guitar riffs are awesome, I especially liked the intro very much, and the solo is awesome too. The riffs sounds almost creepy, and they’re heavy but not dragging you down, if you know what I mean. The lyrics are cool and strong. Not directly negative, just aggressive and pushing forward, and kind of looking for a solution. Paul McCoy’s voice is just straight out a rock voice, a little rough, but still clear, really enhancing the lyrics well.


“I feel weak, I feel numb
Had enough of this poison we’ve injected
Living in this world infected”
(Infected – 12 Stones)



Hello there! Now I’m doing a post on the song Daughters Of Darkness by Halestorm. The song was first published on the EP Hello, It’s Mz. Hyde, and later on the album The Strange Case Of…, both in 2012. Here are the lyrics, as well as in the video:


This song has a lot of energy. The chanting just enhances the energy even more. I really like the guitar riffs, and the drums in the intro sound almost tribal, which sort of fits the song, if you consider “Daughters Of Darkness” to be a tribe of women or something. I think the lyrics kick ass. Maybe that’s because I’m a woman myself, but they’re still awesome. Lzzy has a rough and cool voice that I think is great.


“We can turn you on, or we will turn on you
Daughters of darkness, sisters insane
A little evil goes a long, long way”
(Daughters Of Darkness – Halestorm)