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Hi everyone! First, I’d like to say that I have gone through all the posts on this blog and replaced the links and videos that don’t exist any more with working ones, so that you can easily listen to the music I write about without going through the trouble of finding them yourselves. So now, everything should be alright.
It’s actually been closer to three years since I did a Slipknot-post, and of the bands I have listened to over the years, this is one of those that has stuck by me since I discovered them. On that note, I think now’s the time to revive them on my blog (I have done playlists with them since 2013, but not song reviews). I’ve chosen a song I’ve discovered not so long ago, despite it being around for a pretty long time: The Heretic Anthem, off the album Iowa (2001). You can read the lyrics here. Enjoy!

I just love how the sound image is so complex, and still works like a bitch. It’s one of Slipknot’s trademarks, if you ask me, and a reason why they are so popular. The guitars are killing it, with hard hitting riffs. The double bass drums make the song even harder, not to speak of the rest of the percussionists’ artwork. Corey Taylor, yelling the angry lyrics as he is surrounded by a heavy atmosphere of sound. I also love the idea of Corey calling and the rest of the band answering in the refrain. Sometimes I wonder how I can think of this as beautiful, but I simply enjoy great musicians doing what they do best, and Slipknot do have something special, in my opinion.

“Nobody wants anything I’ve got
Which is fine, because you’re made of
Everything I’m not”
(The Heretic Anthem – Slipknot)



Slipknot – Vermilion

Hello there, followers (and other (un)fortunate ones who stumbled upon this blog by accident)! Are there any readers still out there, or have you abandoned me completely, like I did for a while with this blog? I will try to be back for as long as I can, and I will try to post more, but I can’t guarantee anything while I’m working, and don’t have Internet access at home. However! Today I’m doing the best I can with the limited Internet access I have, and so, I’m doing a post on the song by Slipknot called Vermilion. It was published on the album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) in 2004. Here are the lyrics, and below is the music video.

The song itself sounds vicious almost, with the little piano melody mixed with the guitars and Corey’s disturbing (and awesome) voice, and the programming isn’t making the sound any better. Anyhow, I love the way it sounds, it’s not bad just because it sounds dark, rather the opposite. The lyrics makes the song complete, with these small sentences that make it sound like the writer is mad, it brings the wholeness out even more. I won’t even bother to tell you that I liked the guitar solo, however short it was. There is a part 2 to this song, which you can check out here (which I will deal with on a later occasion). The music video is rather disturbing as well, but hey, it’s Slipknot, what were you expecting?


“I’m a slave, and I am a master”
“I won’t let this build up inside of me”
(Vermilion – Slipknot)



Slipknot – Eyeless

Hi there! It’s a shame really, it’s been so long since I’ve listened to Slipknot, but after listening to Eyeless yesterday, I just knew I needed to get it out here. So, here is Eyeless off the album Slipknot (1999). Here are the lyrics.

I think the intro is brilliant, the guitar riffs are rough and cool, and the programming  and drums are awesome. The tempo of the song is really fast, and that makes the song even more aggressive in addition to the screaming and the lyrics. There’s a lot of swearing, anger and attitude as you can hear: “Insane – am I the only motherfucker with a brain?” “Better get away from me, stay the fuck away from me!“. I also really like the part where Corey screams “mother fucker” and the whole song goes into a sort of “slow motion” for the last half-a-minute. Great song to rock out to if you want to express some anger, and in the end, at least I felt a little relieved of my anger.


“Insane – am I the only motherfucker with a brain?
I’m hearing voices but all they do is complain
How many times have you wanted to kill
Everything and everyone – say you’ll do it but never will”
(Eyeless – Slipknot)



Slipknot – (Sic)

Today I’ve chosen to write about the song (Sic) by Slipknot. The song was first published on their self titled album (Slipknot) in 1999. Here are the lyrics, and the song:


Awesome. This is one of the aggressive songs that just says it all. Sick. There is both aggressive playing and lyrics, making the song double awesome. There is moaning and screaming between the lyrics, making the whole song sound just insane. The way Corey tries to gasps for air as he say “you can’t kill me cause I’m already inside you” is both creepy and cool, as well as the insane laughter after repeatedly screaming “sic”, just gives me the chills. The verses consist of something I would like to call screaming rap, which is pretty cool, and something special to Slipknot, that not many others do. The drums play a big role in this song for making it as hard core as it is, in addition to the guitar riffs and playing that just kicks ass. The whole song is just sickly awesome.


“Fuck this shit, I’m sick of it
You’re going down, this is a war!”
((Sic) – Slipknot)


Slipknot – Duality

Hey! Now, it’s been too long since last time, so it’s really due for another post. This time it’s Duality by Slipknot. Published on the album Vol 3: (The Subliminal Verses) in 2004, and became the first single off the album. Wise choice, I must say. Here are the lyrics, and the crazy music video below:

I’ve just been walking around for a couple of weeks now, whispering to myself “I push my fingers into my EYES!”, just smiling about it, so now I thought it was about time I shared this song with you. Finally some true inspiration!

I really enjoyed the opening line “I push my fingers into my eyes!” in a strange way. The brutality of it all just appealed to me. Further on, he sings “Jesus, it never ends”, and he’s right, and that is a thing I would say myself, so I really liked that he just sang it straight forward. Actually, I think the whole song is awesome in terms of the lyrics. I could go on quoting examples, but I will try to detain myself.

I think the riffs are seriously great, and I love the way the song is built up, the way Corey just speaks the lyrics in the verses is just creepy “I’ve left behind this little fact, you cannot kill what you did not create”.  The piano in the intro makes the mood creepy too.
Freaking fantastic!


“I gotta say what I gotta say, and then I swear I’ll go away
But I can’t promise you’ll enjoy the noise”
(Duality – Slipknot)


Slipknot – Psychosocial

Hey! Here’s a review of the song Psychosocial by Slipknot. The song was published in 2008 on their album All Hope Is Gone. Here‘s the lyrics, though there are apparently many versions of the lyrics out there, and I do not know which ones are right (but if you scroll down, you see what I think is right). The music video is below:

Since everyone has different versions of the song lyrics, and can pretty much only agree upon the word “Psychosocial” and the phrase “The limits of the dead!”, I decided to post what I think are the right lyrics to this song, and if you have reasonable suggestions for changes, I might change them!

I did my time and I want out
So effusive, fade
It doesn’t cut, this soul is not so vibrant
The reckoning, the sickening
Packaging subversion
Pseudo sacrosanct perversion
Go drill your deserts, go dig your graves
Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save
Sinking in, getting smaller again
I’m Done! It has begun – I’m not the only one!

And the rain will kill us all
If we throw ourselves against the wall
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me

Psychosocial, psychosocial, psychosocial
Psychosocial, psychosocial, psychosocial

Oh, there are cracks in the road we lay
But when the temple fell, the secrets have gone mad
This is nothing new, but when we killed it all
Fate was all we had
Who needs another mess?
We could start over
Just look me in the eyes and say I’m wrong
Now there’s only emptiness
Venomous, Insipid
I think we’re done – I’m not the only one!

And the rain will kill us all
If we throw ourselves against the wall
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me

Psychosocial, psychosocial, psychosocial
Psychosocial, psychosocial, psychosocial

The limits of the dead!
The limits of the dead!
The limits of the dead!
The limits of the dead!

Fake Anti-Fascist lie – (Psychosocial!)
I tried to tell you but – (Psychosocial!)
Your purple hearts are giving out – (Psychosocial!)
Can’t stop a killing idea – (Psychosocial!)
If it’s hunting season – (Psychosocial!)
Is this what you want? – (Psychosocial!)
I’m not the only one!

And the rain will kill us all
If we throw ourselves against the wall
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me

And the rain will kill us all
If we throw ourselves against the wall
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me

The limits of the dead!
The limits of the dead!


This is a very angry song. Corey Taylor, the vocalist, is really screaming it out, literally. The whole song reeks of aggression. Chugging guitars and pounding drums are key words in this song. It just rocks straight through the whole song, and helps the aggression in the lyrics being presented stronger. The only problem about these angry lyrics, are that there are so many insecurities about them, it seems that no one really knows what the right lyrics are.


“Who needs another mess?
We could start over
Just look me in the eyes and say I’m wrong”
(Psychosocial – Slipknot)


Slipknot – Snuff

Today I am presenting a song by the famous American heavy metal band Slipknot. The song I have chosen is called “Snuff”, from their album All Hope Is Gone, released in 2008. For those who didn’t know (and I expect it’s not that many!), they are well known for their special masks that they wear when they preform, and they are known for playing heavy. That is why this song may be a bit surprising, but I love it. Enjoy listening to it, and the lyrics too, which you can find by pressing here.


Snuff is beautiful. It starts out slow, both in the playing, and the lyrics, blaming the “me” in the song, and as the song continues, it gets more agressive, with rougher playing, and rougher lyrics, that shifts the blame over on the “you” of the song. When I say the blame, I mean what I interpret as blame for a break-up. It goes from “My heart is just too dark to care” til the point of “You couldn’t hate enough to love. Is that supposed to be enough?” and “You sold me out to save yourself”. You see that as the song escalades, the hatred in the song, and within the singer, escalades too.
This is not what you would usually expect from Slipknot, as this song isn’t the only song I’ve checked out by these guys, but it’s not disappointing.
Sound-wise the song is special, the guitar riffs are unusual (at least I think so), and the construction is different, but that is one of the things I love about this song. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. And the lyrics explain so much.
“I only wish you weren’t my friend. Then I could hurt you in the end”
(Snuff – Slipknot)