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Paramore – Still Into You

Hello there! Today, straight off their brand new album Paramore (2013), and also the second single, I’m bringing to you Still Into You by Paramore. Here are the lyrics, and below is the music video…

At first I didn’t really know what to think about this song, it’s such a new direction for Paramore, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did with their earlier work. After I had listened to it a couple of times though, it grew on me, so now I really like it. I mean it’s not exactly the same kind of attitude and rock we got off their earlier albums, but it’s catchy and sweet, and I still like Hayley’s voice a lot, she’s still got that edge. The music video is basicly diabetes material, but it works for this song. I Also saw a clip of them preforming on The Graham Norton Show, which was great, really enjoyable. I also think the lyrics are cute and good, so with their new invention of Paramore, I think they will reach far with this single.

“Baby, not a day goes by that I’m not into you

I should be over all the butterflies, but I’m into you”
(Still Into You – Paramore)


Paramore – Playing God

Hey! Now it’s time for a review of the song Playing God by Paramore. It was published in 2009 on the album Brand New Eyes. Here are the lyrics, and the music video:

The lyrics have an attitude, but because of the music, it doesn’t come across as strong as with heavier guitar riffs and more aggressive drums. The song is sort of quiet, but the music video say so much, that it seems right that it is. The music video certainly match the song. Hayley is disguised as a sweet housewife, but really has poisoned and kidnapped the rest of the band, like the lyrics are disguised by the not-so-hard tone of the song. I don’t know if any of that really makes any sense, but I like the song, and that makes sense to me at least.


“Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back or break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger, I’ll point you to the mirror”
(Playing God – Paramore)


Hey there! Apologies for not blogging in a terribly long time! Now, today’s post will be about Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore. The song was published in 2009 on the album Brand New Eyes, and was the second single off the album. Here are the lyrics to the song.


This is a song with a little attitude, and it tells a story. It has so much power, even if it doesn’t seem so complicated, Hayley’s voice gives off a lot of power, along with the drums and guitars. Even the meaningless humming gives off power and attitude.

The music video seems very sweet at first, but turns out to be pretty dark, especially the end, despite the bright colors. (Also, weird seeing Hayley with blond hair!)
“Go get your shovel, and we’ll dig a deep hole to bury the castle”. A creative way to tell someone tho forget the thoughts about a perfect life, living like a princess. At least that’s what I get out of the song lyrics.


“If it’s not real, you can’t hold it in your hand, you can’t feel it with your heart, and I won’t believe it.
Well if it’s true you can see it with your eyes, even in the dark, and that’s where I want to be.”

(Brick By Boring Brick – Paramore)


Paramore – Careful

Hello? Anyone there? I really hope so.
For the day, I’ve chosen to write about the song Careful by Paramore. It was published on their album “Brand New Eyes” in 2009.
Lyrics here, and video below:


The best thing about this song, I think, is the lyrics. You really need to do something yourself, if you want it. Hayley’s voice is amazing, and I really feel that she means what she sings. I think that’s important. Of course I love the song itself too, I mean, I don’t just listen to it for no reason! Don’t actually have so much to say about the song, besides the fact that the lyrics really matters a lot to me, and that’s why I wanted to share the song with you.  I hope that you take it in, and consider the fact, that you need to do something yourself if you want something, go get it!

For once, just for fun, I’m going to include a photo I took yesterday!
Please comment, both the song and the photo!


“You can’t be too careful anymore 
When all that is waiting for you 
Won’t come any closer 
You’ve got to reach out a little more”
(Careful – Paramore)

Second thing first, it’s not me (being a total ass, that is), but my memory is, though, and I consider it not to be a part of me, as it is not often as great as the rest of me (not that I’m THAT great, but that says more about my memory than it does about me!)
Anyway, what I really mean, is that my memory forgot that I was supposed to pack my power cord to  my computer, which I didn’t, and that resulted in me not blogging yesterday.

Now for the song, which was really yesterday’s song. Any day, the song I chose, was Hallelujah by Paramore. It was published on the album “Riot!” in 2007. By the way, not to be confused, it’s all their song, not a cover!
Technical things first, the lyrics you find here, and here’s the music video:

Wow, what a voice! I’ve probably mentioned it before, but it is remarkable that someone so young can be so talented (but then again, many starts out that young and also younger). She has an amazing voice anyways. I do suspect that the lyrics site I’m using is a little wrong, but that’s nothing I can do about, I’m too lazy to find another page, and it was only one word.
This video doesn’t actually have a story, but it helps more with just following lyrics, and simply enjoying the music. Loving the riffs, wishing for more of the solo, I say nothing more.

“Somehow everything’s gonna fall right into place. If we only had a way to make it all fall faster everyday”
(Hallelujah – Paramore)

Paramore – Monster

Hi! Today’s song is a recent favorite of mine, Monster by Paramore. As I’m sure you’re well aware of, it was named the soundtrack of the new Transformers, Dark Of The Moon. Published in 2011, as a single. Lyrics are here, and the video is here:

First off, it suits damn well as a soundtrack for that movie!
Second: I love the lyrics, downright awesome.
Third? Well, Hayley has this great voice that suits the song, and it emphasizes the lyrics, I think.
The music itself is just as good as the lyrics, in my opinion, and in this blog, that’s what it’s about, and what you think of course, if not, I wouldn’t have allowed comments! 😉
I will finish now, and get to packing my clothes before I’m moving to “where-ever-I’m-going-to-live-when-I’m-not-at-school”, or if you’d like, my apartment, or whatever it’s called (in English)…

“I let my heart go, it’s somewhere down at the bottom”
(Monster – Paramore)


Paramore – Misery Business

Hi There! I realize that my last post was a tad too long, and that I need to make it short and interesting, so I will try! (Besides, I know way much more about Evanescence than I do about any other band!) Today’s song is Misery Business by Paramore. (You can find the lyrics here)

This was the first song I heard by this great band. The song is from the album Riot!, which was published in  2007. It’s a great song, with a good tempo that speeds up the heart rate. I do, as usual, love the guitars, and Hayley’s voice is amazing. She is so young, and so talented! She has a cool image too. The song is about a girl who likes a boy (no surprises there, then!), but another girl hooks up with him. In the end the first girl gets the boy eventually. The lyrics says it all, though, so I really don’t need to tell you this. The music video is cool. It shows the story of the song, so we don’t just have the words to tell it, but the visual part too. I simply love this song. One of the best by Paramore.

“Well, there’s a million other girls who do it just like you, acting as innocent as possible to get to who they want and what they like it’s easy if you do it right. Well I refuse, I refuse, I refuse!”
(Misery Business – Paramore)