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Hi there! So, I was suddenly very inspired by this song, and had a sliver of time that I didn’t need to use studying, so I thought this would be the perfect moment to write a blog post! So, I want to review the song Take Me Through The Fire by Machine Head, off their album Bloodstone And Diamonds (2014). Here are the lyrics. (Also, much to my annoyance, the recorded version of the song is not on YouTube, so for the video, I hope you can enjoy the live version, and if you want to listen to the recorded version, you can do so on Spotify here). Enjoy!

As I said, I was just suddenly struck by inspiration, and this was because of the guitar riffs, that are just so magnificently great. Rob Flynn sounds like he is in such despair as he gnarls the words “The drum beats on as I fall in trance / Stepping away from the endless dance”. Flynn has a rough, raspy voice through the whole of the song, making it sound more angry. The drum beats makes the song perfect for perfect head-banging and generally this song is awesome to see and hear live, as the audience definitely get carried away. I get carried away just by listening to this in my living room! The steady drum beat almost counting up to the chorus is incredibly effective, building up to the chorus. I also just love the chanting before the bridge to the guitar solo, and of course the guitar solo itself is amazing. This is just simply a well composed, really heavy metal song, just what I needed right now.

“No subtleties truth is all that I ask
No pleasantries you can take off that mask”
(Take Me Through The Fire – Machine Head)

Hi there! I just really need to address this matter while it’s still fresh, to get out my initial excitement. So, today (June 3rd 2016) Machine Head published a new single called Is There Anybody out There?, independent from any album (as far as I know). I really hope you enjoy this one. (Lyrics at the end of the post).

There was expressed fear that this song wouldn’t sound like a Machine Head song. Let me give my opinion: This is definitely a Machine Head song. Might sound a bit different than the other songs, but  Rob Flynn’s vocals, the heavy guitars and drums and bass are there, the newly heavily incorporated classical instruments are there, like violins and cellos, and the lyrical themes are definitely there, which is the things I think make a song sound like Machine Head, at least these days.

I like the whistling in the intro, it gives a good feeling to the song, even though it’s kind of a false feeling because of the lyrics. But I definitely will get the melody stuck in my head for the next few days, perhaps even the whole month. I love the guitar riffs, especially in the intro, but overall good, and the combination of metal and classical in the choruses is excellent. The bridge and breakdown is great too: “Live my life like I’ll die tonight / Dream like I’ll live forever”. The sound of it is so good – the sound of the string instruments makes it sound like a horror movie, and I think it’s brilliant that they’ve incorporated the whistling in the breakdown as well. Flynn’s vocals are definitely as angry as they should be – raw and awesome.
The lyrics are kind of divided with one theme in the first verse, and another one in the second, and both well written, but still has an overall theme linked through the chorus. In the second verse they address a really important matter in the heavy metal and hard rock community, and really have been brave in publishing this song despite controversy and death threats. It’s about racism in metal, triggered by an incident earlier this year, at Dimebash 2016. The other themes in the song are love, loneliness and not understanding what’s going on in the world (according to Flynn himself). You can go and check out Rob Flynn’s reaction to the incident and the two making-of videos for the song at Machine Head’s YouTube channel (here).
I’ve tried to get the lyrics correctly by listening to it a bunch of times, since it’s so fresh that none of the standard lyric-pages I use have added the lyrics yet. Used my ears as good as I could, and got a little help from a YouTube-video (this one) (I will correct them if I get direct info from the band of the actual lyrics). I’m here, I’m listening, and I hear you. I stand with Rob Flynn and Machine Head.

Is there anybody out there? (x4)
Come on (x3)
Is anybody there?
Come on (x2)

Let me tell you something

I was born as a bastard

No father, no master
A shadow in silence left searching for answers
Put up for adoption
And left with no option
Another kid fostered to fester, forgotten
Take a look into these desperate eyes
As they’re cast into the wretched hive 

But I ain’t going down alone

Is there anybody out there?
Anybody listening to me?
Is anybody else scared?
The paranoia drops me to my knees
Does anybody feel lonely?
Disconnected from the things I see
Is there anybody out there?
Anybody out there just like me?
I’m choking on these words and I can’t breathe

Come on (x3)
Is anybody there?
Come on (x2)

Now let me say this

Now I stand as a father
To men with no honor
Ashamed of the racists I used to call brothers
Cause no flag can mean bravery
When bloodied by slavery
The rebel, a devil, disguised as a savior
And the sickening feeling in the air
Is the fear to speak that no one dares

So will I stand here all alone?

Is there anybody out there?
Anybody listening to me?
Is anybody else scared?
The paranoia drops me to my knees
Does anybody feel lonely?
Disconnected from the things I see
Is there anybody out there?
Anybody out there just like me?
Choking on these words and I can’t breathe

Live my life like I’ll die tonight
Dream like I’ll live forever (x2)
Is there anybody out there?

I have roared at the world for years
(Is there anybody out there?)
Doesn’t anybody hear me?
This burden suffered, I’ve paid the cost
(Is there anybody out there?)
Not all who wander are lost

Is there anybody, is there anybody, is there anybody…

Is there anybody out there?
Anybody listening to me?
Is anybody else scared?
The paranoia drops me to my knees
Does anybody feel lonely?
Disconnected from the things I see
Is there anybody out there?
Anybody out there just like me?
Choking on these words and I can’t breathe

Come on (x3)
Is anybody there?
Come on (x2)
Is there anybody, is there anybody…
Is there anybody out there?
(Is There Anybody Out There – Machine Head)


Hi there! I just got the intro of this song stuck in my head for no obvious reason, so I decided it was time to share it with you on this blog.  Might just be because I listened to some other awesome guitar riffs (an understatement, as I will show you later) I stumbled upon on the internet. I really hope you like it and get this stuck in your head too!

The song is called Eyes of the Dead by Machine Head (as I really needed to go through the whole first part of the song in my head to realize!). It was published on the album Bloodstone & Diamonds (2014) (I just realized that this song was published over a year ago – November 2014, my my, time goes by so fast). Here are the lyrics, and a link to the song below:

Definitely on the heavy side, with anger in Rob Flynn’s voice, and heavy breathing, and even heavier guitars and pounding drums. The sneaking guitar riff in the intro suddenly comes through the barrier with full sound as the drums make a dramatic vibe along with a single guitar, and the bell (or gong, or whatever, I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was). The song oozes of thrash metal, and I love it. It sounds so damned angry, Flynn shouting “The murder, murder”, but he is, according to himself, referencing the expression “A murder of crows”, as in a group of crows, which is a metaphor for Machine Head fans. It becomes more obvious in the next line “Now the crows attack”. (For reference, listen to the track-by-track commentary of the album on Spotify). Throughout the song he sings of crows and ravens. His deadly growls of “Raven” could have scared anyone, if you ask me. I also really like the build-up to the refrain: “Black wings spread their ebony quills, Bloody nails the hand that wills”. And of course, the guitar solo. I really shouldn’t need to remind you how much I love a good guitar solo. This song is really good to listen to if you need some anger therapy, or if you are going for a run.


“Eyes so dark, like ink we blacken the sun”

“So call my name, “Raven”
So fear this name, “Raven”
Hold dear this
You will never fucking break me
I’ve an army that will strip you to the bone”

(Eyes of the Dead – Machine Head)


Hi there! After much stress with studying for exams and the exams themselves, and a little breathing room for me, I will now blog about one of the many songs I’ve grown very excited abut the past year. This one is called Now We Die, by Machine Head, which I’ve grown to love more and more, off their latest album Bloodstone & Diamonds; published last fall (2014), first as the second single off the album. The awesome lyrics you will find here. Listen and enjoy.

This is for me a very passionate song, and the album altogether is very passionate, with awe-inspiring lyrics, and musical tunes that will blow your mind. This is one of those songs that make the album. The intro is beautiful, strings fading in and growing stronger, into Rob Flynns muffled screams “And with this now we die”, and haunting the song throughout. The band jumps in, and suddenly everything is heavy as hell.
The verses are heavy, but the refrains are somewhat more mellow, where the strings comes in again with the same sweet melody. The lyrics in the refrain is also more poetic, along with the bridge. It’s big, and it’s beautiful.
This is also the song where the album title is from, in the second verse. Their guitar solos are as sharp and skilled as ever, with great finesse. I’m just throwing out big words to not overuse the word that actually describes my thoughts on this: awesome. But seriously, the string-piece and the solo gave me chills. They STILL give me chills, and the bridge is also wonderful, both lyric-wise and musically. The music video is very bizarre to me, with many elements, and much color and imagery.
This song in it’s entirety is strongly written and performed. There’s a reason why I waited to do this review; I really wanted to take the time to write every thought on this song, because I think it’s THAT spectacular.

“Cast off the shackles of the past
Live in the moment nothing ever lasts
Now cross the bridge of sighs
And with this now we die”

“The damned are we abused and beat,
We’re left for dead, we raise our head
For we are strong, and they are wrong
So scream with me: ‘I do believe'”

(Now We Die – Machine Head)

Hello there! So, I’ve been eager to show this song for quite some time, but I’ve had so much other stuff to do, but now is the time… So, I’m doing a post on the song I Am Hell by Machine Head, off the album Unto The Locust (2011). The song is divided into three parts called Sangre Sani, I Am Hell, and finally Ashes To The Sky. Here are the lyrics, and below is the song in its wholeness.

The atmosphere of the whole song is so dark and beautiful. The song is called I Am Hell, and that’s for a reason. I feel the darkness swelling over me, swallowing me, and I let it, because this is a beautiful piece of music, and I surrender to it completely. My whole body follows the rhythm of the song, I sit here in quiet surroundings, rocking back and forth with both body and soul.  The words and riffs and rhythm speak to me like the sweetest poem, touching my heart and my love for music. It is quite true what they say, you can’t touch music, but music can touch you. “I am death”, “I am hell”, “I am wrath”. Yes, today, I am hell to thee.

“I am hell to thee
Down here all shall suffer with me
Die purified
Rise the ashes to the sky”
(I Am Hell (Sonata In C#) – Machine Head)

Hi there! I know, it’s been too long, but it’s been a crazy busy May with spring celebration and my first exam was today, so I hope you will forgive me…
Should have done this ages ago, but now I am, so today’s song is Be Still And Know by Machine Head. The song was published on the album Unto The Locust in 2011. Here are the lyrics (beware of some small errors), enjoy!

A dear friend of mine showed me this song, and I immediately fell in love with it.
The amazingly awesome guitar riffs are what caught my attention at first, and that’s what I like the most about this song. The song is rocking so hard, I can’t stand the urge to head bang a little. I mean, really, this song has some seriously heavy and cool energy.
The lyrics are deep and awesome, and I really like that it’s expressed in such a rough voice with such strong energy. Might be also that the drums and guitars are helping convey this awesome energy, or more likely, a combination of everything. (And yes, I know I’ve used that word a lot now, but can’t you feel it?!?) I just know I like this song very much, and wanted you all to hear this piece of awesomeness.

“Stars realign in the sky
Glaciers will melt and the oceans rise
Waves will come crashing ashore, but withstand the roar
And the sun will rise
Dawn will break the blackest nights
Distant in its glow
This shall pass, be still and know”
(Be Still And Know – Machine Head)

Machine Head – Darkness Within

Hello readers! This time I’m super excited to do a post on a song called Darkness Within. This little pearl of a song is by the American heavy metal band Machine Head, and was published in 2011 on the album Unto the Locust. Here are the lyrics, and the music video is below. Enjoy!

I’ve definitely missed out on something here by not giving Machine Head a shot before. Won’t happen again! I really love the intro and the first verse, how quiet it starts and how rough it gets as the song continues, and then slows down as it fades to an end. I feel blessed for finding this song just by “accident”, just by deciding to listen to one of the songs in the Loudwire Music Awards polls. I really recommend you listen to everything there, because it’s not for nothing the music there gets nominated for the awards.
I love how they make the lyrics to be about music in a way: “music it will set you free” “music my savior”. I enjoy the rest of the lyrics very much as well, of course, and the vocalist, Robb Flynn, is wonderful. I don’t really need to tell you that I think the guitar solo was awesome, you heard it yourselves! The music video, as you could see in the beginning, was filmed in Prague (and Kutna Hora), Czech Republic. (I’ve been there a couple of times, so I really knew the places that were filmed). I really enjoyed watching it, even though it was a little twisted with the whole maggot-in-mouth thing. Dark and twisted is awesome too, as you all know well. I really just love this song, it’s amazing and brilliant in my eyes, and I hope you can get at least some of the feelings that I get from this song, because that says something about the greatness of the song.

“Haunted by its melody
music it will set you free
let it set you free”
(Darkness Within – Machine Head)