I’m a Norwegian girl who loves music. I can listen to many kinds of music, but I prefer alternative rock and heavy metal. My favourite band is Evanescence, and I really, really love it! I could talk (or write) about it for hours and hours, and I probably will too. I also like Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm and Machine Head. I’m really passionate about the music I listen to, and can’t stand back and listen to people criticizing them without a good reason. There will be some music videos and polls about which band you like the most, and many quotes from song lyrics that I like. I hope this blog will be interesting for you. Enjoy the reading. I hope for comments to keep my spirit up! (And I will definitely try to answer all comments, I want my readers to be happy, and I don’t get that many comments, so I will manage, I think!).
I’ve probably grown harder in my music taste over the years, which I’m sure reflects well here on my blog, from start until now. What still remains is my love for Evanescence, and my passion for music. I still hope you enjoy reading this blog, both older pieces and new, which I hope I will get to make many more of, with all the inspiration I need. And, of course maybe some support from friends and fans.
Over and Out… for now.