Hi there! I just got the intro of this song stuck in my head for no obvious reason, so I decided it was time to share it with you on this blog.  Might just be because I listened to some other awesome guitar riffs (an understatement, as I will show you later) I stumbled upon on the internet. I really hope you like it and get this stuck in your head too!

The song is called Eyes of the Dead by Machine Head (as I really needed to go through the whole first part of the song in my head to realize!). It was published on the album Bloodstone & Diamonds (2014) (I just realized that this song was published over a year ago – November 2014, my my, time goes by so fast). Here are the lyrics, and a link to the song below:

Definitely on the heavy side, with anger in Rob Flynn’s voice, and heavy breathing, and even heavier guitars and pounding drums. The sneaking guitar riff in the intro suddenly comes through the barrier with full sound as the drums make a dramatic vibe along with a single guitar, and the bell (or gong, or whatever, I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was). The song oozes of thrash metal, and I love it. It sounds so damned angry, Flynn shouting “The murder, murder”, but he is, according to himself, referencing the expression “A murder of crows”, as in a group of crows, which is a metaphor for Machine Head fans. It becomes more obvious in the next line “Now the crows attack”. (For reference, listen to the track-by-track commentary of the album on Spotify). Throughout the song he sings of crows and ravens. His deadly growls of “Raven” could have scared anyone, if you ask me. I also really like the build-up to the refrain: “Black wings spread their ebony quills, Bloody nails the hand that wills”. And of course, the guitar solo. I really shouldn’t need to remind you how much I love a good guitar solo. This song is really good to listen to if you need some anger therapy, or if you are going for a run.


“Eyes so dark, like ink we blacken the sun”

“So call my name, “Raven”
So fear this name, “Raven”
Hold dear this
You will never fucking break me
I’ve an army that will strip you to the bone”

(Eyes of the Dead – Machine Head)