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Hello there! So, I’ve been eager to show this song for quite some time, but I’ve had so much other stuff to do, but now is the time… So, I’m doing a post on the song I Am Hell by Machine Head, off the album Unto The Locust (2011). The song is divided into three parts called Sangre Sani, I Am Hell, and finally Ashes To The Sky. Here are the lyrics, and below is the song in its wholeness.

The atmosphere of the whole song is so dark and beautiful. The song is called I Am Hell, and that’s for a reason. I feel the darkness swelling over me, swallowing me, and I let it, because this is a beautiful piece of music, and I surrender to it completely. My whole body follows the rhythm of the song, I sit here in quiet surroundings, rocking back and forth with both body and soul.  The words and riffs and rhythm speak to me like the sweetest poem, touching my heart and my love for music. It is quite true what they say, you can’t touch music, but music can touch you. “I am death”, “I am hell”, “I am wrath”. Yes, today, I am hell to thee.

“I am hell to thee
Down here all shall suffer with me
Die purified
Rise the ashes to the sky”
(I Am Hell (Sonata In C#) – Machine Head)


Hi! So, this comes quite much later than planned, due to limited internet access and loads of other things to do, but hey, it’s not been a month – yet… For the post on Device, I’ve chosen the song You Think You Know, off the album Device (2013). Here are the lyrics, and below is the song. Enjoy!

The song is heavy from start till end. The sound is almost a bit messy, but it all makes sense with the industrial metal genre. I really think David Draiman’s voice is just awesome, I can’t find any other words to describe it better. The whole sound image in the refrain is perfect. The lyrics are great too, they’re a little aggressive, but I like them that way. I really think this might be one of my new favorites, I like it that much. I can’t wait to hear them live, it will be epic.


“Don’t hang me, on another problem
I really don’t give a fuck if you believe me 
I can see that you were not the one to confide in
I cannot abide by you anymore”
(You Think You Know – Device)