Hi! Now, for the post on Five Finger Death Punch, I’ve chosen Coming Down, off the album American Capitalist (2011). The music video contains strong images, so this might be hard to watch for some people. Here are the lyrics, and below is the music video. 

This song has a very strong message, which I thing is very important to get out to people. That’s one of the reasons I chose to blog about this song, but obviously also because I really liked it.
The lyrics and the music video fits together, and the music video tells the stories of two young people with problems that led up to their suicide, as we saw in the start of the song, but which was prevented in the end by a “friend”. The lyrics, as I said, presents a strong message, and I like them a lot. There’s not much more to say about them, because the theme is so important, that it speaks for itself. The lyrics are simply just a brilliant way of expressing something so sad and important.
The song itself is good too, I like the build up from the verses to the refrain, and the refrain just kicks ass, it really brings out the lyrics great too. I especially like the drums in this one, and, of course, the guitar solo. It’s just a great song with great lyrics and a very important message.


“Was there ever any question
On how much I could take?
You kept feeding me with bullshit
Hoping I would break”
(Coming Down – Five Finger Death Punch)