Hi there! I’m trying to get some real blogging done, now that I have the time, so today it’s
Scream Aim Fire by Bullet For My Valentine. The song was published in 2007 as a single, and later on the album with the same name, Scream Aim Fire (2008). Here are the lyrics.

I like the drum intro of the song, and the general speed of it, it’s pushing fast forward, and gives the song much energy. The lyrics are awesome, and I especially love the chanting “Over the top, over the top!”. The guitar riffs are cool, and I’ve always liked heavy guitars. The guitar solo is also very much worth mentioning, since I think it’s pretty good. The whole song has a war theme, with both the lyrics, the manic drumming, and the music video, with it’s clips of weapons being fired and such. I think it’s awesome.


“Bodies falling, voices calling for me
Limbs are flying, men are crying
Such a hurtful sight”
(Scream Aim Fire – Bullet For My Valentine)