Hey there! I’ve noticed that I’m going slow in the blog world, and decided I should speed up a bit. But not that fast, because today I’m doing a post on the Linkin Park song Shadow Of The Day off the album Minutes To Midnight (2007). Here are the lyrics.

Music video:

Lyric video without all the disturbing sound effects from the music video:


I like the cleanness of Chester’s voice in this one. The song starts off very slow and nice with a few deep tones, the keyboard and vocals, and escalates nicely towards the refrain, and more toward the second refrain, without taking off completely before the guitar solo. The guitar actually doesn’t come in before after the second refrain, and you can hear a sample of a string ensemble that kicks in before the second verse. There are a lot of small elements in this song to complete it in the way it turned out. Even though the lyrics may seem a little blue, the song itself sound more of a cheerful tune as we reach the end of it, but if we look at the music video, the song changes it’s entire meaning. At first listen it seems so simple, but you notice more and more about it every time. It’s very well executed, even the music video is very well thought through. So beautiful.


“Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple
Sometimes good bye’s the only way”
(Shadow Of The Day – Linkin Park)