Hey! This time I’m doing a review of the song Infected by 12 Stones off the album Beneath The Scars, published February this year (2012). Here are the lyrics, as well as in the cool lyric video below:


This is a really good rock song! Very catchy, got it stuck on my brain all day long yesterday and today.  The guitar riffs are awesome, I especially liked the intro very much, and the solo is awesome too. The riffs sounds almost creepy, and they’re heavy but not dragging you down, if you know what I mean. The lyrics are cool and strong. Not directly negative, just aggressive and pushing forward, and kind of looking for a solution. Paul McCoy’s voice is just straight out a rock voice, a little rough, but still clear, really enhancing the lyrics well.


“I feel weak, I feel numb
Had enough of this poison we’ve injected
Living in this world infected”
(Infected – 12 Stones)