Hey! Thought it’s time for a “new” artist on this blog. Presenting: Seether, a post-grunge/alternative metal band from South Africa. Today’s song is called Hang On, and was written for the movie Daredevil in 2003, and published on the American version of the album Disclaimer II in 2004. Here are the lyrics.



I discovered this song looking through the soundtrack for the movie Daredevil, and found out that this was a good one. The lyrics are good, and Shaun Morgan, the vocalist, has a rough and cool voice that makes the lyrics come out very nicely. I liked the intro a lot. The playing is good, and the song is built up well. Not a very special song, but I quite like it.


“My hands are stained with love, wish I could take it away”
(Hang On – Seether)