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For today’s post I decided to write about one of the classics; Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. The song was published in 1991 on the album Nevermind. Here are the lyrics.

The guitar riffs and solo are just awesome, Kurt Kobain’s voice is impeccable and the lyrics are cool (and somewhat random, I mean “A mosquito, my libido” hello?). This is just as I said, a classic. There is so much to like about it, and not much to say, because I have so much respect for it, that I don’t exactly know what to say about it to honor it right. But I think it’s brilliant as a piece of original music.
I like this song so much that I’ve decided to quote it twice:


“And I forget just why I taste 
Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile 
I found it hard, it’s hard to find 
Oh well, whatever, never mind”

“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous

Here we are now, entertain us
Life is stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us”
(Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit)


Hello there! This time I’m writing about a song by Three Days Grace called Chalk Outline off the new album Transit Of Venus, published this year (2012). Here are the lyrics. Enjoy!


This seems like a new direction for Three Days Grace, but definitely not the wrong one. The song has great elements of guitar and programming mixed nicely into the song. The lyrics are awesome, using the metaphor of a crime scene very well. “You left me here like a chalk outline, on the sidewalk waiting for the rain to wash away, wash away. You keep coming back to the scene of the crime, but the dead can’t speak and there’s nothing left to say anyway”.  Adam Gonthier’s voice is still cool,  it seems like it’s a layer over the vocals in the verses, but not in the refrain, and that’s good. The new album is very fresh, published October 2nd and I think this song is a great choice as a single, it’s interesting and at least it makes me want to hear more of the new album.


“I’ve been cut, I’ve been opened up
I’ve been shattered by the ones I thought I loved”
(Chalk Outline – Three Days Grace)


12 Stones – Infected

Hey! This time I’m doing a review of the song Infected by 12 Stones off the album Beneath The Scars, published February this year (2012). Here are the lyrics, as well as in the cool lyric video below:


This is a really good rock song! Very catchy, got it stuck on my brain all day long yesterday and today.  The guitar riffs are awesome, I especially liked the intro very much, and the solo is awesome too. The riffs sounds almost creepy, and they’re heavy but not dragging you down, if you know what I mean. The lyrics are cool and strong. Not directly negative, just aggressive and pushing forward, and kind of looking for a solution. Paul McCoy’s voice is just straight out a rock voice, a little rough, but still clear, really enhancing the lyrics well.


“I feel weak, I feel numb
Had enough of this poison we’ve injected
Living in this world infected”
(Infected – 12 Stones)



Tweet tweet, little bird

I’m officially on Twitter now!

I’ve thought about it for some time, one of my friends suggested I should, and after some serious consideration, I made a profile.
My twitter username is Unseen__Unheard (Don’t be confused, there are two lines there, if you try with one line, you will find some Asian guy or something – I checked!). For those who can’t freaking find the link on their own, here it is!
I will be writing in English, and some posts in Norwegian too, and that will most lightly be in my own dialect, so Google Translate won’t do you any good. It might, in fact, give the whole sentence another meaning or not make sense at all!
I will be writing about anything, not just music and lyrics and stuff.
Hope you will follow me!

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Happy reading!

“Long lost words whisper slowly to me”
(Haunted – Evanescence) 

“I found a bird closing her eyes one last time, and I wonder if she dreamed like me”
(End Of The Dream – Evanescence)

Hello there! This time I’m doing a review of the song Mirror Mirror by Helloween. The song was published on the album The Dark Ride in 2000. Here are the lyrics. Enjoy!


I just love the intro, it’s so awesome! At the time, and still vocalist Andi Deris preforms the vocals downright beautifully. The lyrics are genius. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the master of them all?“. Of course I adore the guitar riffs, and the guitar solo is perfect. This song is just dark and beautiful.


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the sickest one of all?”
(Mirror Mirror – Helloween)


Slipknot – (Sic)

Today I’ve chosen to write about the song (Sic) by Slipknot. The song was first published on their self titled album (Slipknot) in 1999. Here are the lyrics, and the song:


Awesome. This is one of the aggressive songs that just says it all. Sick. There is both aggressive playing and lyrics, making the song double awesome. There is moaning and screaming between the lyrics, making the whole song sound just insane. The way Corey tries to gasps for air as he say “you can’t kill me cause I’m already inside you” is both creepy and cool, as well as the insane laughter after repeatedly screaming “sic”, just gives me the chills. The verses consist of something I would like to call screaming rap, which is pretty cool, and something special to Slipknot, that not many others do. The drums play a big role in this song for making it as hard core as it is, in addition to the guitar riffs and playing that just kicks ass. The whole song is just sickly awesome.


“Fuck this shit, I’m sick of it
You’re going down, this is a war!”
((Sic) – Slipknot)


Green Day – 21 Guns

Today’s song is called 21 Guns by the American punk rock band Green Day. The song was published on the album 21st Century Breakdown in 2009. Here are the lyrics, and below is the song:


I think the lyrics are deep, but I can’t really figure out what I think they mean, but they’re pretty cool all the same.  I especially like the build-up to the guitar solo “Did you try to live on your own?”, and of course the solo was good too. I actually really liked the music video to this one. It reflects the song nicely.


“When it’s time to live and let die, and you can’t get another try
Something inside you heart has died, you’re in ruins”
(21 Guns – Green Day)


Seether – Hang On

Hey! Thought it’s time for a “new” artist on this blog. Presenting: Seether, a post-grunge/alternative metal band from South Africa. Today’s song is called Hang On, and was written for the movie Daredevil in 2003, and published on the American version of the album Disclaimer II in 2004. Here are the lyrics.



I discovered this song looking through the soundtrack for the movie Daredevil, and found out that this was a good one. The lyrics are good, and Shaun Morgan, the vocalist, has a rough and cool voice that makes the lyrics come out very nicely. I liked the intro a lot. The playing is good, and the song is built up well. Not a very special song, but I quite like it.


“My hands are stained with love, wish I could take it away”
(Hang On – Seether)