Hello there! Today’s song is Dying Breed by the American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch. The song was published in 2009 in the album War Is The Answer. Here are the lyrics, enjoy!

(Really strict copyright policies for 5FDP on their songs on YouTube, and to replace the video I posted in the past, this was the best I could do, but it doesn’t ruin the song, I think it’s good enough).

Edit: I found the recorded version of the song, concealed as a song called “Not Like You” by Slipknot, even though Slipknot has no such song, and it definitely isn’t Slipknot playing. Anyways, for those who don’t have Spotify and can find it there, this is the best thing.

The drums is the strongest instrument in this one, and I like it. It makes the song heavy, aggressive and hard core, along with the growling. I can also clearly hear the bass in there too, which is great. The lyrics are pretty awesome, and the guitar solo rocks, as well do the few riffs included. “Just a dead man walking with a double barreled shotgun”. How genius is that?!? I even got the refrain stuck in my head now. Really like it!

“All I wanted was your honesty
Something more than this, something more than me
Death can take me if I can’t be free
I’m not like you, I’m a dying breed”
(Dying Breed – Five Finger Death Punch)