Hey there! Since this is my 100th post, I decided to do something special, not just for this blog, but also for one of my best friends. I am doing a post on the song A Nightmare To Remember by Dream Theater. The song was published on the album Black Clouds And Silver Linings in 2009. Here are the lyrics.


This song has it all, and it should, considering it lasts for almost 17 minutes! Surprisingly, this song is not even close to the longest song Dream Theater has produced.
It contains sound effects of thunder,  a car crashing, and sirens, and other things, like the song was written about, a car crash that John Petrucci was in when he was a kid. The song even got a short guitar solo between the first and the second verse!
It has slow parts,  the song changes tempo several times in the song, like in the middle of the second guitar solo. There’s even growling too.
This song rocks hard, and it’s just amazing and awesome. I love the whole song, from drums and guitar to lyrics to sound effects. I repeat: This song has it all.


“Now I’m not one to soon forget
And I bet I never will”
(A Nightmare To Remember – Dream Theater)