Hi ya’ll! Today’s song (or what’s left of it anyway) is Cloud Nine by Evanescence. The song was published on the album The Open Door in 2006. Here are the lyrics (a little easier to find than in yesterday’s post…), and also in the video below:


The song itself sounds very haunting, but the lyrics aren’t as haunting when you read them alone. I think they’re brilliant, though. Amy sounds almost like possessed, because of the sound effects, so much that it almost gives me the creeps. I liked the way the guitars sort of turns off right before the bridge, leaving only the piano and Amy’s voice. As always, great guitar riffs, especially after Amy singing “and you refuse to lift me”, and also while she sings “Guess it wasn’t real after all”. Nice touch.


“In a dream, will you give your love to me?
Beg my broken heart to beat
Save my life, change my mind”
(Cloud Nine – Evanescence)