Hi there! I’m still alive! Sorry for not blogging in over a month now, had a lack of inspiration, time and willpower to write anything, but now I’m back, and hopefully for good.

I asked a friend of mine to pick a song, to get started, and chose My Hollow Shell by the Swedish heavy metal band Corroded. Intentionally or not, this friend made it hard for me by picking one of the songs that are no registered lyrics on. None  what-so-ever! Anyway, the song was published on the album Exit To Transfer (2010). I won’t bother now with finding out what the lyrics are, you can listen and make up your own minds about it. Enjoy!

First of all, love the heavy guitars chugging through the whole song. The vocalist has a very deep voice, making the song sound even darker, which I really like. I also very much enjoyed listening to the guitar solo. Well played, Sweden, well played.

Now, I listened a couple of times (more like 20!) to the refrain to maybe get a quote out of it, and I don’t know if it’s correct, but here it is:

“There is nothing left to lose, and I’m about to take my lonely, my hollow shell”
(Corroded – My Hollow Shell)
I have bought the album, and will deliver you the magnificent lyrics to this song in my new post:
And, correction to the song quote (which wasn’t very wrong, AND, there is a grammatical error in the lyrics):
“There is nothing left to loose, but I’m about to try, alone in my hollow shell”
(Corroded – My Hollow Shell)