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1 year!

As it is my 1-year anniversary of this blog (at least for a couple of minutes more), I decided to do a poll on how things have been up to now. I want to know what’s been good, what you liked, what you want more of, maybe some suggestions to what I should write about – what you want my opinion on. Maybe also you could say something about what I can do better (except for the fact that I need to write more often!). Said in an easier way: I want to know everything!
So, this poll is about what you want more of on this blog, and I have made it possible to click on more than one alternative (just for the record).

I hope you will vote, so I get a clue on how things are. You can also comment if there are other things that I have forgotten about, or if you want to say something about the other things I mentioned before that I would like to know of you.
– Thank you!



“Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can’t find what keeps me here”
(Haunted – Evanescence)


Hey! It’s time for another song by We Are The Fallen. This time I’m writing about a song called I Am Only One, which was published on the album Tear The World Down in 2010. Here are the lyrics.


This is a slow and beautiful song. I like Carly’s vocals very much, and the lyrics are sore, but very good. I must admit, I liked it so much the first time I heard it, that I cried a little. I think the violins make the song more dramatic, and the piano melody is very nice. In the end you also hear the intro to the song Tear The World Down.


“Ever after never came, and I’m still waiting for a love I’ll never have
And all the dreams I lay to rest, are ghosts that keep me
After all that I’ve become, I am only one”
(I Am Only One – We Are The Fallen)


Hey there! I know it was requested for quite some time ago that I should do a review on the entire Evanescence album, and I forgot for a while (understatement), but now I’m doing it. (Should have done it just after I got the album, but nothing  I can do about it now…)


What You Want is an amazingly empowering song, and worked super as the first single off the album. What You Want really makes you want to do what you want!

Made Of Stone is strong in the lyrics, and has great beat and riffs. It kicks ass, showing both weakness and strong attitude at the same time.

The Change also has strong lyrics, and when listening to it you feel yourself screaming on the inside, just like the lyrics say.

My Heart Is Broken just slides in as next song, with a sweet piano intro, and the piano continues through the whole song. The song itself is direct, but the meaning is a little different than the title implies.

The Other Side starts with Will’s heavy drum beat alone, followed by heavier guitars and then Amy’s voice. After bridge the song is stripped down again to just the piano, before taking it all up again to the end.

Erase This has a higher tempo, it seems more stressed. They take it down just a notch in the refrain, before they turn it up again. The song is dramatic, with a prominent element of high piano notes, and the occasional violin in the bridge.

Lost In Paradise is just the perfect rock ballad. Amy’s vocals are very strong in this song. It starts off wonderfully, and when the band kicks in, the song is just blown wide open, leaving it to be more wonderful, breathtaking.

Sick starts with a low synth key and the bass from Tim. The song seems dark and twisted, with Amy yelling that she’s “sick of it all”.

End Of The Dream begins with a cool guitar riff, and as Amy sings, we can hear in the background that the piano plays the melody in some lines. She sings “As much as it hurts, ain’t it wonderful to feel?” and as I hear her, and feel the energy, I must say that indeed it is.

Oceans is another song that starts with a low synth tone, followed by Amy’s voice, Will, and the rest of the band in the refrain. Terry showing off with some cool riffs afterwards. The energy continues to show as Amy sings her lungs out: “Cross the oceans in my mind”.

Never Go Back is about the victims of the tsunami in Japan. I just love when the whole band just stops as Amy sings “I don’t belong here – alone. This is for the survivors of the tsunami, to those who lived through it.

Swimming Home is like the opposite of the previous song. It’s like the ones who died, answering to the survivors. The song is very electronic, and the furthest from what Evanescence is portrayed as that you can come.

New Way To Bleed is very sore, even though there are guitars and drums. Maybe it’s because of the screaming, and the lyrics.

Say You Will seems to create hope after New Way To Bleed, with strong guitars, and fast drum beat, and lyrics that take charge of the situation.

Disappear is another song that has a lot of energy, and feels very open, and has hope too. “Take it back, take it back, I still believe you can!“, it seems so empowering, and with rocking guitars and pounding drums, you can really feel it.

Secret Door is the final song on the album. A sweet ending with a beautiful harp tune, accompanied by violins and a few piano tones.


Well, to sum things up, most of the songs are very strong and rocking hard, and the slow ones are just plain beautiful. I even learned to like Swimming Home, which is the most controversial song on the album. This album shows the renewed energy that Evanescence has brought to life. All in one, this album is as great as the rest. The songs are rougher, and in total feels more free than the other albums. The piano is very strong in several of the songs, but is worked into the songs, and it seems as though the whole band is cooperating totally, and on an entirely different level than they have before. The album starts with a big shout-out, and ends with a sweet closure to it all.


“Do what you, what you want ’til you don’t want it anymore”
(What You Want – Evanescence)

“Follow my love back through the same secret door”
(Secret Door – Evanescence)


Hello there! Now I’m doing a post on the song Daughters Of Darkness by Halestorm. The song was first published on the EP Hello, It’s Mz. Hyde, and later on the album The Strange Case Of…, both in 2012. Here are the lyrics, as well as in the video:


This song has a lot of energy. The chanting just enhances the energy even more. I really like the guitar riffs, and the drums in the intro sound almost tribal, which sort of fits the song, if you consider “Daughters Of Darkness” to be a tribe of women or something. I think the lyrics kick ass. Maybe that’s because I’m a woman myself, but they’re still awesome. Lzzy has a rough and cool voice that I think is great.


“We can turn you on, or we will turn on you
Daughters of darkness, sisters insane
A little evil goes a long, long way”
(Daughters Of Darkness – Halestorm)


Paramore – Playing God

Hey! Now it’s time for a review of the song Playing God by Paramore. It was published in 2009 on the album Brand New Eyes. Here are the lyrics, and the music video:

The lyrics have an attitude, but because of the music, it doesn’t come across as strong as with heavier guitar riffs and more aggressive drums. The song is sort of quiet, but the music video say so much, that it seems right that it is. The music video certainly match the song. Hayley is disguised as a sweet housewife, but really has poisoned and kidnapped the rest of the band, like the lyrics are disguised by the not-so-hard tone of the song. I don’t know if any of that really makes any sense, but I like the song, and that makes sense to me at least.


“Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back or break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger, I’ll point you to the mirror”
(Playing God – Paramore)


Hello! Today I’m doing a post on the song Someone Who Cares by Three Days Grace. Published on the album Life Starts Now in 2009. Here are the lyrics.


The lyrics and their meaning are very strong in this one. And they are very true too. I think the guitar riffs are good, and I really like Adam’s voice. After the bridge the song seems to escalate, and I think that was a good thing. It gave the song more energy towards the end.


“It’s so hard to find someone who cares about you
But it’s easy enough to find someone who looks down on you”
(Someone Who Cares – Three Days Grace)



Rise Against – Savior

Hello there, ya’ll! Today is the birthday of one of my friends, so I let him pick the song I’m doing a review of for today. He chose the song Savior by Rise Against. It was published on the album Appeal To Reason (2008). Here‘s the lyrics.

I really liked the guitar riffs in this song. I think this song has a lot of energy, especially because of the high tempo of the song, and the band shouting in between the lyric lines amps it up even more. The lyrics are great too, Tim make them rock.


“We never had a choice
This world is too much noise”
(Savior – Rise Against)


Hi there! Today’s post nr. 101, and this one I’m dedicating to another dear friend of mine, who’s favorite band is Metallica. I will be doing a review on their song Nothing Else Matters off their self titled album (Metallica), also known as The Black Album, released in 1991. The lyrics are here.

I like the intro, I think it’s very beautiful guitar playing.
I absolutely adore the guitar solo. I feel it deep in my soul. The lyrics are very deep and well executed by vocalist James Hetfield. There’s not much more to say about this song, except for that it’s absolutely beautiful and great, just like my friend that I’m writing this for. I love it.


“Never cared for what they say
Never cared for games they play
(Nothing Else Matters – Metallica)


Hey there! Since this is my 100th post, I decided to do something special, not just for this blog, but also for one of my best friends. I am doing a post on the song A Nightmare To Remember by Dream Theater. The song was published on the album Black Clouds And Silver Linings in 2009. Here are the lyrics.


This song has it all, and it should, considering it lasts for almost 17 minutes! Surprisingly, this song is not even close to the longest song Dream Theater has produced.
It contains sound effects of thunder,  a car crashing, and sirens, and other things, like the song was written about, a car crash that John Petrucci was in when he was a kid. The song even got a short guitar solo between the first and the second verse!
It has slow parts,  the song changes tempo several times in the song, like in the middle of the second guitar solo. There’s even growling too.
This song rocks hard, and it’s just amazing and awesome. I love the whole song, from drums and guitar to lyrics to sound effects. I repeat: This song has it all.


“Now I’m not one to soon forget
And I bet I never will”
(A Nightmare To Remember – Dream Theater)

Avantasia – Twisted Mind

Hello there! Now, this is my 99th post, and I’m writing this in honor of my biggest fan, Markus. One of his favorite bands is Avantasia, a German power metal “project” (according to Wikipedia, their words, not mine), and since it is, I figured the best way to honor him on my blog is to write about them. I’ve chosen, with a little help from him, the song Twisted Mind, off the album The Scarecrow (2008).

I really love the dark sound and lyrics of this song. The guitar riffs are simply awesome, and really fit the lyrics, just as heavy, dark and twisted as the rest of it. I quite like the vocalists, Tobias Sammet’s voice. It’s pretty big and powerful. I also think the small touches of piano that can be heard in the background between the chugging of the guitars are nice. In addition, they managed to sneak in a very short guitar solo, which is needless to say, I also liked.
Bottom line, genius song.


“I never tried to hide away, or tried to keep your pace
You walked me to the slaughter with a smile upon your face”
(Avantasia – Twisted Mind)