Hey there! I though that since so many enjoyed the last live show of Evanescence, I could post a great video shot from Evanescence’s concert at Rock am Ring in Germany this year. This time it’s the entire concert in one video (thank God!). The only thing that sucks about this live take is that we miss the beginning of What You Want because of the show hosts, but otherwise this is a great concert by Evanescence, that really rocks! (Of course, it’s called Rock am Ring for a reason!).


Slightly disturbing those huge yellow balloons they trow around, but otherwise a great show. Thought it was a bit funny when Amy repeatedly said “Danke” (which means thank you). Also loved the idea that they started with a new song, and ended it all with Bring Me To Life. The audience was much better here than in Morocco, though. At this concert they actually sung along and cheered a lot, and I can’t help myself but smiling when they went wild between every time Amy sung “I can’t see your star”, (in the song Your Star, obviously!) and it seems Amy couldn’t either.


“Can’t break the silence, it’s breaking me”
(Your Star – Evanescence)