Hi. Today’s song is Thoughtless by the American nu-metal band KoЯn. The song was published in 2002 on the album Untouchables. Here are the lyrics, and below is the music video (with “bad” words discretely cut) and the full song:



This is an angry and aggressive song. The lyrics clearly state that “all of my hate cannot be bound”, so there you have it. The use of swearing in the lyrics also helps the song seem even more aggressive, “What the fuck you think it’s doing to me?”.  The music video is somewhat creepy and nasty if you ask me, but suits well for the lyrics. I actually like the whole idea that the “anger” is right beneath the skin, ready to burst out any time. I think the guitar riffs are great, and the song just rocks straight all the way through.


“All of my hate cannot be bound, I will not be drowned by your thoughtless scheming
So you can try to tear me down, beat me to the ground, I will see you screaming”
(Thoughtless – KoЯn)