Hello there! New song, this time we’re slowing it down quite a bit with a song called Walk You Home by an American sister-duo called Karmina. The song was published in 2008 on the  Karmina For Christmas -EP. The song lyrics are here, and here is the song:


I first heard this song on a TV-series called “The Cleaner”, and decided I had to find it! It’s beautiful. I think the way the song is built up is very good. Kelly and Kamille Rudisill have such calming and harmonic voices. The lyrics are sweet and uplifting in a way, and you could both listen to this to relax or if you are having a bad day.


“Even the brave they depend on someone
The moon only shines with the help of sun
And it’s not as safe when you’re walking alone
I’ll walk you home”
(Walk You Home – Karmina)