Hey there! Now I’m going to do a review about the song Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. The song was published in 2006 on the album One-X. The lyrics are here, and the heartbreaking music video is below:


I first of all love the finger ply in the beginning accompanied with only Adam’s voice before the band kicks in. It’s building up to the refrain, where the rock guitars plays their riffs, making the song rougher. Then, after the bridge, the song is take down to the finger playing and Adam’s vocals as they repeat the first two lines, and we see that sweet little girl, and over to the refrain again where an archangel is fighting the man. I think that is wonderful. And I really like the fact that the song ends as it starts, with the finger play.

The lyrics are sort of general for any situation, but if we look at the music video, there’s a whole new meaning to them. It seems obvious to me this is about child abuse, and the girl’s life when she grows up. In the end she breaks free from the handcuffs and hands that is holding her down, as Adam sings the words “Maybe we’ll turn it all around ’cause it’s not too late, it’s never too late”, and I preceive that as the message of this song, that you can break free, no matter, what, cause it’s never too late.


“The world we knew won’t come back
The time we lost, can’t get back
The life we had won’t be ours again” 
(Never Too Late – Three Days Grace)