Today’s song will be Breath by Breaking Benjamin. The song was published on the album Phobia in 2006. Here are the lyrics, and enjoy the song!



The lyrics just sounds like someone is waiting for feelings to go over, a relationship to end, and move on to someone else. “Is it over yet?”. I love the guitar riffs, and I like the finger play and that you really can hear the bass in between the lyrics lines, and the rest. I think the song is really peculiar. I thought the whole “So sacrifice yourself…” was the refrain, and then it moves on to “You take the breath right out of me…” and then I went like “Aah, I see, that’s really strange, but it’s cool!”. Maybe I’m stupid, but that really fascinated me!


“I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like. Is it over yet? In my head”
(Breath – Breaking Benjamin)