Hey there! Here’s a review of the song Tears Don’t Fall by the band Bullet For My Valentine. This song was published in 2005 on the album The Poison, and was the fourth single off the album. Here are the lyrics. Listen and enjoy. (I’m almost exploding since they cut the “bad” words in the song, so I included both the music video version, and the full-song-with-all-lyrics version.)




The intro is smashing. This is one of my favorites by this Welsh band. I think they must be famous for their rocking guitar riffs. This song is angry, aggressive and awesome. When you’ve seen the music video, you will understand why, especially the end of it.
The song’s intro is also featured in a commercial for a TV-series that I watch right now, that I think is pretty cool, and it suits damn well, I think. This song has some really great guitar riffs, and it brings out the roughness of the series. (Sorry, side tracked myself there for a bit…).
What I really don’t understand, it America’s need to cut the swearing in songs like this. We all know what they’re singing, and if we don’t we can just check up on it on one of the thousand lyrics pages that are out there on the Internet. (Side tracked – again.)
This is one of those songs that sort of explains the band name a bit. The song just rocks hard all the way straight through it.


“With my last breath I’m chocking, will this never end I’m hoping. My world is over one more time” 
(Tears Don’t Fall – Bullet For My Valentine)