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Hey there! Here’s a review of the song Tears Don’t Fall by the band Bullet For My Valentine. This song was published in 2005 on the album The Poison, and was the fourth single off the album. Here are the lyrics. Listen and enjoy. (I’m almost exploding since they cut the “bad” words in the song, so I included both the music video version, and the full-song-with-all-lyrics version.)




The intro is smashing. This is one of my favorites by this Welsh band. I think they must be famous for their rocking guitar riffs. This song is angry, aggressive and awesome. When you’ve seen the music video, you will understand why, especially the end of it.
The song’s intro is also featured in a commercial for a TV-series that I watch right now, that I think is pretty cool, and it suits damn well, I think. This song has some really great guitar riffs, and it brings out the roughness of the series. (Sorry, side tracked myself there for a bit…).
What I really don’t understand, it America’s need to cut the swearing in songs like this. We all know what they’re singing, and if we don’t we can just check up on it on one of the thousand lyrics pages that are out there on the Internet. (Side tracked – again.)
This is one of those songs that sort of explains the band name a bit. The song just rocks hard all the way straight through it.


“With my last breath I’m chocking, will this never end I’m hoping. My world is over one more time” 
(Tears Don’t Fall – Bullet For My Valentine)



Linkin Park – In The End

Today’s post is going to be about the song In The End by Linkin Park. The song was published on the album Hybrid Theory in 2000. It was the fourth single off the album. The lyrics are in the link here.



This song is, like many Linkin Park songs, a mix of rock and rap, which I quite like. Sort of a smart way to carefully try to convert rap-lovers to rock/metal lovers. I like the soft piano intro with a simple melody, which you also can hear in the background throughout the song if you listen closely. This melody is also heard in the refrain and the bridge on the guitars. There is also some programming to make it even cooler. This song got kind of a little bit of everything, with Chester Bennington’s voice sometimes sounding like one off a boy-band, and other times sounding almost as the roughest rocker. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.


“I had to fall, to lose it all, but in the end it doesn’t even matter”
(In The End – Linkin Park)


Hello there! Today’s song will be Don’t Leave Me Behind by We Are The Fallen. The song is from the album Tear The World Down (2010) You can find the lyrics here. Enjoy the listening.



I really enjoy listening to the whole song. It has some great components, both the piano intro, the “dramatic” violins, and the guitar solo. Carly Smithson has a pretty good voice that sets its mark on this song, especially in the refrain. She is holding on to every word and making them all important, reinforcing them. The lyrics are excellent, and may sound a bit needy when you just read them without music, but when backed up by drums and guitars it just sounds great.


“So afraid of dreaming
The story is repeating, screaming, monsters, I’m bleeding”
(Don’t Leave Me Behind – We Are The Fallen)


Today I’m doing a post on I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace. I felt it was really necessary to do a post on Three Days Grace now, it’s been too long since last time. The song was published on their self-titled album (Three Days Grace) in 2003, and was also their first single. The lyrics are in the link here, and the song itself below (with lyrics, but they are not correct):



It was about time I did a review of this song. This song was the first one I ever heard of by Three Days Grace, and it really underlines their work well, and what kind of band they are.
I like the intro with the finger playing. Then the drums kick in, first with a muffled sound, but then the real deal is introduced, and it keeps building up to the refrain. They even have almost a full stop in the playing right before the refrain. I like that, I think it brings out the lyrics in the refrain in a certain way, in addition to the fact that they are repeating the lyrics in the refrain (and the rest of the song, though a little altered in the different verses, too). The lyrics are really good, and maybe they describe a lot of what’s wrong in many relationships.
Might be, I don’t know. Don’t trust everything I say. (It is, after all, 1st of April, you know – April fools-day).


“All the feelings that I get, but I still don’t miss you yet
Only when I stop to think about it”
(I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace)