Back again, at last! For a come-back song, I’ve chosen “New Way To Bleed” from Evanescence’s new album Evanescence, from the Deluxe Version, published in 2011 (as you all should know!).
The lyrics you can find here, and the song below:



It feels like she is pouring her heart out. The intro shows it, the lyrics shows it, her voice, in the verses in the refrain, the whole song. I can feel it in the intro, in “I’ve played this game before, and I can’t take anymore!”, and when she cries out “Freedom, freedom!”. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just a feeling that I have. It’s strong.
I really see with this song what they meant about “brokenness has become a little bit of theme, without necessarily offering a solution” (which Amy Lee said in an interview on “I feel it coming over me, I’m still a slave to this dreams. Is this the end of everything, or just a new way to bleed?”. Brokenness, but no solution, just a question.
The playing is heavy, and that makes the message heavier too. The guitars are just delightfully heavy, Will just pounding away on the drums, and the small elements of piano are brilliant. The little harp part in the bridge sound so sweet, just right before the chugging guitars come in again. At first this song felt like an outsider, but the more I listen to it, the more I connect to it.


“So go and tell all your friends that I’m a failure underneath
if it makes you feel like a bigger man
But it’s my, my heart, my life that you’re calling a lie
I’ve played this game before, and I can’t take anymore”
(New Way To Bleed – Evanescence)