Well, I suppose you all have been waiting for a new post, and since I never got the chance to finish the post I was doing, and I’m too tired to do a proper post right now, I’m just listing sad/slow Evanescence songs, because I’m tired, and not in the mood for anything right now. Enough about me…

  • Give Unto Me
  • Hello
  • Solitude
  • Breathe No More
  • My Immortal (No matter what version, love it)
  • Lost In Paradise (A little rock, but what the heck, it’s BEAUTIFUL)
  • Like You (Still a little rock…)
  • Missing
  • Secret Door
  • You
  • Good Enough
  • Together Again
  • Anywhere
  • Swimming Home
  • The Last Song I’m Wasting On You


Edit: Since this is one of my most popular posts of all time, I decided to make the playlist on YouTube and post it here, so you don’t have to do anything. So, for my readers around the globe, here is the playlist:


“Give unto me your troubles
I’ll endure your suffering
Place onto me your burden
I’ll drink you deadly poison”
(Give Unto Me – Evanescence)

“Hello, I’m still here, all that’s left of yesterday”
(Hello – Evanescence)

“Oh, can’t you see? All along it was me
How can you be so blind, as to see right through me?” 
(Solitude – Evanescence)