Well, this is a challenge, and since it is, I need to write about the songs that are given to me. That means writing about some music that I normally don’t listen to. I actually sometimes listen to this song, and other “popular” songs, when I listen to music with my friends.
Today’s song is Ronnie & Clyde by The Lonely Island. Genius group. This song also features Rihanna which I also like. The song was published on their album “Turtleneck & Chain” in 2011.
Here’s the lyrics, and below is the hilarious music video:

I really think that The Lonely Island is a cool group. They make great, funny songs, and this one is my favorite.
The song is a “story”, and a great one too. I don’t know any other words to describe this song other than “funny” and “cool”, but in a different way than I usually use the word. It’s fun in the way that “Ronnie” can’t seem to talk properly when “Clyde” is there, but the second she leaves, he’s rapping like a mad-man. It’s cool in the way that a song about something so ridiculous can be so great.
Thought this song would be easy to say something about, but really, it’s hard for me to write about songs that don’t actually mean a lot to me. This song  just says it all with the video.
Another thing that’s hard with the song is choosing the lyrics quote that I normally do at the end of the post. Especially since it’s like a story, but I will try…

“If you don’t wanna end up dead
You’ll do everything Shy Ronnie says
Tell ’em, Ronnie!”
(Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde – The Lonely Island feat. Rihanna)