Well, first day of the challenge. Running a little late though, if I were to keep my promise from the last post.
Anyways, today’s song is A Little Piece Of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold. The song is publised on their album, Avenged Sevenfold, in 2007.
Lyrics is here, and here’s the animated, official music video of this song:

Well, let me just start by saying this song has a twisted music video. It also has  some really twisted lyrics to go with the twisted video, even though I’m sure it’s the other way around (the video is made to match the lyrics).
This pretty much sums up my dear friend too, who actually listens to this song, and loves it! (Of course, she wouldn’t give me songs to write about that she hated!) But I love her for it!
Well, because I can’t relate so much to the lyrics, I don’t listen to this song a lot, but I think it’s good anyways. It may also be good not to listen only to songs that you can relate to.
The classical instruments fits really well in this song, and creates drama to underline the lyrics’ meaning. The lyrics are, as I said, twisted, and literal in one way, but sometimes it’s like that you feel after a break-up (my interpretation of this song, don’t like it, don’t read on!), and you feel so much hate, that you just want to “stab him fifty fucking times” (Yeah, of course I chose to write “him”, I’m a girl, you know!).
“You had my heart, at least for the most part
Cause everybody gotta die sometime, we fell apart
Let’s make a new start”
(A Little Piece Of Heaven – Avenged Sevenfold)