Back again, and I want to share my excitement for the new songs that Evanescence has pre-released for us!
So, I will provide you with the ultimate link to listen to one of the new songs, “The Other Side”, (which will be on the new album, Evanescence, releasing October 11th, Woohoo!)! There is no videos on YouTube for this song (believe me, I have searched for hours without luck!)
So here it is, The Other Side by Evanescence.

(Just to warn you, there is a really small stop button on the top, right under the title, if you want to stop it, because it will keep playing until you press it or cross out the site)
Update (2016): The link to the song expired, and it’s been years, YouTube has managed to get a copy of the song, so here it is:


The song starts out with just drums, and followed by guitars and then Amy’s wonderful voice. That’s what I’ve missed about Evanescence, and it’s back, Goddamnit, it’s back! I can’t detect that much change in Evanescence’s sound, they’re still the same, as long as Amy’s voice backs up their amazing music. What I do notice, though, is the “fun” they talk so much about. I get very excited when I listen to the new songs. It might just be because they are new, and amazing, but I think I can hear that she enjoys singing them.
Back to the song…
It’s hard core. It’s about death, but not in such a sad way that every other artists make it to be. I have also noticed that mid-way in the song, there is a piano sequence too, which I love. The song builds up greatly. I love the chugging guitars and it’s sort of simple, but brilliant, and not so simple after all. I feel like I use the word “love” a lot, but that’s what describes my feelings best, I love the lyrics, and I love Evanescence! ❤


11th of October, 2011…
I can’t wait much longer!


“I want you back
Holding together by the shards of our past”
(The Other Side – Evanescence)