Hello there, my dear followers! (and others, if there are any).
This time  I’ve chosen the song Cocaine by Nomy, from the album Song Or Suicide (2009). The lyrics is here, and the song itself:


This is just a song that rocks. Absolutely love the guitar riffs, and the vocalist’s voice is rough and cool. The lyrics is good, not much to say about them, unfortunately, it’s actually hard to say anything special about this song, it’s just good! This is the first time it has been this hard to say something about a good song!
Nomy is a Swedish singer/songwriter without any contracts, he has published all his music online for free. This has actually been successful, and Cocaine has been one of the most popular songs he’s made. All his songs is made exclusively by him.  He’s definitely worth a listen.
Now, since I had such a hard time writing about this song, I will finish here, before I make a fool out of myself.

“Now it’s too late, too late to live, and my conscience killing me
So am I alive, but I’m not free”
(Cocaine – Nomy)