Second thing first, it’s not me (being a total ass, that is), but my memory is, though, and I consider it not to be a part of me, as it is not often as great as the rest of me (not that I’m THAT great, but that says more about my memory than it does about me!)
Anyway, what I really mean, is that my memory forgot that I was supposed to pack my power cord to  my computer, which I didn’t, and that resulted in me not blogging yesterday.

Now for the song, which was really yesterday’s song. Any day, the song I chose, was Hallelujah by Paramore. It was published on the album “Riot!” in 2007. By the way, not to be confused, it’s all their song, not a cover!
Technical things first, the lyrics you find here, and here’s the music video:

Wow, what a voice! I’ve probably mentioned it before, but it is remarkable that someone so young can be so talented (but then again, many starts out that young and also younger). She has an amazing voice anyways. I do suspect that the lyrics site I’m using is a little wrong, but that’s nothing I can do about, I’m too lazy to find another page, and it was only one word.
This video doesn’t actually have a story, but it helps more with just following lyrics, and simply enjoying the music. Loving the riffs, wishing for more of the solo, I say nothing more.

“Somehow everything’s gonna fall right into place. If we only had a way to make it all fall faster everyday”
(Hallelujah – Paramore)