Hello there! Did you think I’d forgotten all about you, or what?
I really didn’t, but busy days with homework and a little social life, plus no internet connection equals no blogging. I’m terribly sorry, though. But now I’m back again, sadly to say, not for good. What I’m gonna do, is to enforce what I like to call “Blogging Weekends”. I will do everything I can to be a regular blogger, but I’ll have to slow down a bit, so it won’t ruin my homework efficiency. I will blog all weekend, Fridays through Sundays, and whenever I find the time, I will write a little something in between.
Hope I don’t lose any readers, and maybe instead gain one or two! (Just hope my parents won’t get too upset with me sitting all weekend by the computer, haha!)

(The picture I found on Amy Lee’s twitter, just for information)

“All this time I’ve been so hollow inside”
(Haunted – Evanescence)