Hello there! Being a busy blogger, I try to blog regularly, and wind up with writing several posts a day some days, so that I can just log on to WordPress, check and answer my comments and publish a new post, and log right out again. In my busy day, thinking about so many things, I neglect thinking about my readers (not intentionally!), and just telling you briefly how sorry I am for not posting every day, and I will never manage to post every single day. What I’m concerned about now, is one simple thing: Do I blog too often? I mentioned that I have a busy day, especially now, going back to school, but what I haven’t thought about, is that my readers are busy too, and don’t always got the time to check in on my blog, and maybe when you do, you don’t have the time (and maybe interest, what do I know?) to read all of them. I know sometimes I thank God that I haven’t missed out on new posts from the blogs that I follow, even though I’ve subscribed to them!
Anyway, where I’m going with this, is that I want you to tell me if I blog too often, and maybe give me guidelines on how often you think I should blog, or maybe I should just carry on as I do…
(By the way, this is also kind of a way to show that I care about my readers, ’cause I really do!)

Putting in a pic to represent the love for music and my readers 😀 (Perhaps next time I’ll find a more relevant picture to put in the post)



“Every hour slipping by screams that I have failed you”
(What You Want – Evanescence)