Hey there! Today’s song is Pain by Three Day’s Grace, which fits with my day, because I’ve had a migraine almost all day. It’s not that kind of pain the song is about, but we’ll get back to that later. The song was first published on the album “One-X” in 2006. The lyrics are here. Now, over to the music video:

The song starts softly with only the vocals of Adam Gontier and a little guitar. Then it goes into the full band and stronger, rougher voice that we know Adam does so well. Genius. What’s more genius about this song, is the fact that you can hear, at the end of the verse, right before the refrain, the catch in his voice, like as if we could hear the pain that he feels. This song is not for the happy people, as they call it among my happy friends, a “emo-song”, not for those happy ones that don’t understand that kind of pain. Oh well, let’s not kill the mood, and rather move on to the fact that this song is a great one. Didn’t quite get the video, other than it’s several other people than Adam who’s not feeling love, and wants to feel something, so they choose pain instead.

“This life is filled with hurt when happiness doesn’t work”
(Pain – Three Days Grace)